Whoever You are . . .

Yeah, I’m on some kind of cycling video binge. This particular video may have already been seen by you, but I can watch it time and time again. Just the way it starts . . . “It’s personal to me . . . I’m in my bubble.” It speaks volumes. The time on my bike is very personal. People speak of riding as their therapy. Yep, I get that completely. There are some days when I want the company of friends and pounding it out, but there are other times when I don’t feel like talking, just head down and swirling thoughts around in my head. “It’s just you the air, the bike, and yeah . . .” is so perfectly said. The mental aspect of cycling is such an under spoken thing. “All you have to give are calories, and you get a lot of thrills, excitement, scares . . . yeah, it’s as simple as that, I think.”

Enjoy your Thursday. Many, many people will never see this day in it’s entirety. Enjoy life.

Bon Vélo!

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