A Letter from Your Bike


Dear Sir:

I hope this finds you doing well from time of my last letter. From the start, I must thank you for your faith in my abilities during very inclement weather. I had a feeling that when it started sprinkling rain on the way to the ride that you’d turn around and grab #2 Bike . It is good to know that we’ll be familiar with each other when the time comes in a race and the weather turns sour. I was actually thrilled, sloshing through the heavy rain and wind. The pictures will do nicely, proving to Fat Boy that I can handle the muck. #2 Bike  was in total shock. He kept asking if I felt okay, even though you hosed me off as soon as we were back home. I told him that I never felt better. I am a bike, first and foremost, not a prissy saddle like Fat Boy likes to address me as.

IMG_20160326_120939Once again, I must say that #2 Bike  and I enjoyed being in our racks beside you in the den as Mr. Sagan took another victory at Flanders. #2 Bike  gets a thrill out of you talking to yourself during one of the professional races. You are right. Mr. Sagan is an incredible athlete. His steed is magnificent; the bike beams with pride. #2 Bike  and I both agree that we would too . . . not to take anything away from you, sir. But I think that you’d agree that Mr. Sagan is something special for cycling. I was also in amazement that Mr. Sagan rode a 15K solo for the win, with two men chasing hard. What about the one-handed wheelie after the finish? #2 Bike  was giddy.

Well, sir, it is about time that I sign off, knowing that your time is precious. We have a good schedule this week, with the first century of the year coming this Saturday. Again, I must admit that I do feel better now that you’ve washed and cleaned me thoroughly, but don’t think twice about taking me straight into the mouth of a storm! I can take it. I thought it was funny that #2 Bike said that he felt weird being extremely clean. He looks nice though. Of course, Fat Boy said that he didn’t need a (expletive) bath. His language can be very off putting at times. It is one of the crosses we bare with him. Well, have a great day. I am looking very forward to the rest of this week and Saturday!


#1 Bike

P.S. #2 Bike says hey.


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