Ten Ways to have a Better Life

Everyone is searching. It is the reason why someone like Joel Osteen is a best selling author. Philosophers have dedicated lifetimes to explaining and exploring the dusty attics of our psyche. It is completely natural for humans to seek answers in things and try to figure out what will satiate the empty spot or scratch the itchy places. It was only a few years back when the progressive consumption of media and technology began dismantling humans and stopped us from having to think for ourselves. Here are a few simple considerations to perform a hard reset:

  1. Show kindness and concern for others.

In a world where the care and adoration of self is predominating, reconnect with people around you. Ask strangers if they are having a good day and care about what they have to say. Hold the door for other humans. Allow others to have a good parking space in front of you. Smile often. Never, ever, allow someone else’s attitude to control you.

2. Do not forfeit your freedoms.

Ask yourself about your level of dependence on the state or federal government to take care of you. Just because they deem something to be in your best interest does not mean that it is. As a side note, and in case you are unaware, governmental bodies are concerned for themselves. Know your rights. The government is Constitutionally limited with checks and balances for a reason.

3. Quit eating garbage.

Quick and easy is literally killing you. Eat fresh and wholesome foods. Try catching or killing your own food. Butcher and prepare it. You will be amazed at the taste difference. Plan what you will eat the next day, instead of it being a last minute decision. Eat to maintain NOT entertain.

4. Get your face out of your phone.

Delete your social media applications. Unless it is directly connected to your job, you do NOT need social media in your life. Addiction of social media is out of control. Try the old school way of social media by actually talking to another person. Look someone in the eyes and have a conversation. No one cares what you are eating for lunch, nor are they changed by your rants and boycotts.

5. Have a passion in life.

Quit having your same nine-to-five life. Find something that would be hard for you to accomplish but you think is very cool, and practice that activity. Develop active habits, and then change them up to add to your random joy of accomplishment. Stop being lazy. Life is short.

6. Feed on fear.

Do very difficult things. Adrenalin is awesome. Take on the challenge of competition. Look at failure as stepping stone and not a wall. Think bigger. Set a big goal. Take steps to accomplish that incredible feat. After you achieve your goal, enjoy it and then set another one even bigger than before.

7. Love deeply and be honest with those you love.

Self-preservation is the enemy of deep commitment. Being afraid of sacrificing yourself for others is limiting yourself to only existing in life. Share your feelings. Tell someone that you love them, repeatedly, and then put action to the words. Emotional pain can be a part of exposing yourself. But like a broken bone, it gets stronger than before when it heals.

8. Take responsibility.

If you screwed up, own it. It is not on your boss or your parents or your spouse. Figure out why you are in the position you are in and do something about it. Solutions are not found on Instagram or Pinterest. Replace the bad parts of you with good.

9. Be creative.

You do not have to become a master painter, but develop something that does not exist. It could be a small flower bed, an unexpected romantic dinner, a contraption to keep squirrels out of your bird feed, a poem, a novel, a necklace, or a wonderful child that contributes to society as an adult.

10. Know without a doubt that, even if you are completely alone on the planet, you are loved.

Your belief in God does not constitute His existence. He loves you. He loves you more deeply than you could possibly fathom. He cares for you, individually, and knows all of your flaws and hesitations, but loves you despite all of your mess ups. He is not keeping score. He just wants to have a relationship with you.

Maybe these little things will help, but the first and foremost understanding when it comes to enjoying life is to quit being “me” oriented. Ask yourself what was the significant thing that happened to you last week. Ask yourself when was the last time you helped someone. Ask yourself if your family knows without a doubt if you love them and how do they know. When is your next door neighbor’s birthday? Take a deep breath. Listen to the birds around you. Remember that happiness and joy are different.

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