My First Taste

In full disclosure, I am a fairly big cycling fan. Everything about riding a bicycle is incredible. The simplicity of the machine is amazing, just frame, gears and cogs. I ride often. I have raced, and I enjoy endurance events. Watching professional cycling is exciting (at times). My wife and I rode in Stage Ten of the Tour de France in 2019, and still two years later I am blown away to have that experience. Just being at a grand tour is a lifetime experience, and something I would love to do again. Now, I am having my first true viewing of the Giro d’ Italia.

I subscribed to the Global Cycling Network+ this year. I have, in years previously, trolled the Internet for clips here and there of the Giro. One thing that I have never understood is why such a magnificent and historic race is kind of the red-headed stepchild of the Tour de France. In my humble opinion, the Giro is the most difficult grand tour. Yes, all of them are a ridiculous athletic events, but the weather, the terrain, the narrow roads. and road conditions separate the Italian grand tour from all others. Now, I will quit babbling and get to my point.

The GCN+ app is well done. To have my first taste of the Giro and having a way to watch every part of the race and interviews is very nice and done very well by the GCN team. Listening to the pre-race banter and now having seen two stages have given me a list of pros and cons for my viewing of this fabulous grand tour through the GCN+ app:


  • Power data, speed and cadence shown for a rider is terrific . . . and stunning.
  • Local attraction on-screen pop ups about the age of buildings or famous landmarks is far better than just flying over a castle and giving the viewer the name.
  • Switching up the various former professional riders and gaining great insight to the race is nice.
  • Predictions before the stage
  • Video breakdown (using digital chalkboard) of strategy and team tactics (or lack there of) is awesome.


  • Sean Kelly as commentator . . . a legend with great insight but does not know when to stop talking.
  • Casting with Chromecast does not work.
  • Get a road side report from a guy in a mask, standing around absolutely no one. Side note, hundreds of fans are not wearing masks.

If you have a grand tour itch to scratch, give the GCN+ app a go. You will enjoy it, and for only $50 USD a year, it is a great price.

Bon Velo!

4 thoughts on “My First Taste

  1. Ha, ha.. Sean Kelly… well, that’s an Irishman for ya! He was fast on the bike, and still fast with the gob. As for the TV; even the coverage we get here in Ireland of the Tour always surprise me that they show the running totals on the graphics of things like distance covered/km left, etc. but don’t show me simple stuff I’d like to know, like how fast the rider is going. Maybe that just makes me a complete amateur!

  2. Nice insight from another Irishman 🙂 I’m the opposite on data. I like seeing the power, cadence and speed . . . it blows my mind and makes me see how pathetic I really am. hahaha

    1. Oh, don’t get me wrong; I love all that too. But to my tiny mind, it seems that speed would be the first on the list of things we should like to know, as humble observers. It’s the first and most basic metric for lesser souls like me 😉

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