Spots in Time

There are certain times throughout history that I thoroughly enjoy studying. My father instilled in me a thirst for learning about the past. I notice every historical marker on the side of the road and read every one of them I see. I love old cemetaries. I can stand for hours in an old battlefield and let my imagination run wild. When I lived in in Europe for two years, of course I didn’t even scratch the surface! Here are the top ten places/events that I would have loved to have seen first hand:

  1. The birth of Jesus the Christ or the sermon on the mount
  2. Valley Forge
  3. The opening of King Tutankhamen’s burial chamber
  4. Midway point in the Lewis and Clark expedition
  5. The peak of the Roman empire around 117 A.D.
  6. The painting of the Sistine Chapel
  7. A party in New York, early 1920s, with Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald in attendance (before he’s too drunk to stand)
  8. The signing of the Declaration of Independance
  9. The court of Henry VIII
  10. A play (preferably Hamlet) at the Globe Theatre with William Shakespeare in attendance

I could go on and on. History is the culmination of who we are. We live history every single day. The great periods in history are not over. There are many things yet to discover and heights to reach.

What are the spots in time that you would have loved to have seen first hand?

7 thoughts on “Spots in Time

  1. Reagan and Washington being Sworn in as President, Eddie Merckx winning one of his TdF’s (and being at the finish of one of his stage wins). The cuffing of Ted Bundy (I’d have loved to hock a loogey on him)…and to follow LHO up the steps of the Dallas book depository with my buddies Smith & Wesson…to put one in the back of his melon as he took aim.

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