Dear Mr. Car Dealer . . .

I can’t take anymore of your commercials, be it on the radio or television. Here are my top ten reasons why your sells pitches are despised:

  1. Shouting
  2. No explosions and/or lasers
  3. Quit telling everyone that you’ve lost your mind.
  4. Nope . . . you’re not practically giving cars away.
  5. Don’t tell me that something is too good for me to refuse.
  6. Nope . . . you did not put more cars on the lot than you have room.
  7. Give me more money than my trade is worth? You lie, because that would be stupid.
  8. You’re going to pay my car payment for the first month? LOL
  9. The “dealer prep fee” is you taking the plastic off my seats when it gets off the truck. $200! Really?
  10. You’ve gone out of business three times in the past six months.

I realize that everyone has to make a living. I don’t expect a car dealership not to profit from selling me a car, but does any other business (besides furniture stores) have such ridiculous shenanigans? It amazes me that I can’t drive slowly into a dealership parking lot without feeling as if I am on the set of the Walking Dead, salesmen pace-walking my car before I can even get out! Mr. Salesman, please allow for “just looking” to be a reason to let me look. Again, I don’t know why any radio or television advertisement that is being broadcasted in my area would attract someone, but it is an immediate turn-off for me. For the love of all things holy, please read and heed.

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