I am the Only One?

balance-110850_960_720Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. There are things in life, as I get older, that seem to bother me more and more. I will admit that I am an outspoken person, probably more than I should be . . . okay, more than I should be, but I cannot understand what I see as an increase in idiocy all around me. Here is a compressed list of some issues, in random order. Am I the only one?

  • parents who plead with their children to behave in a public place
  • people with more money than cycling ability (if you ride, you will understand)
  • Bowe Bergdahl
  • backing into parking spaces
  • any news organization who interviews a person who has no idea about the basis for which he/she is protesting (rioting) or even explain with any form of logic
  • motorized shopping carts
  • people who absolutely hate someone else for not being tolerant
  • anyone who victimizes a child
  • cyclists who purposefully try to intimidate others who are new to cycling
  • any comment that connects obesity to disability
  • Mark Cavendish
  • “ask your doctor if this medicine is right for you” commercials
  • strangers asking for money
  • not having the ability to understand the difference between a legal immigrant, and illegal immegrant and a refugee
  • screaming car commercials on radio or television
  • 3+ syllable words used incorrectly
  • Citgo gas stations
  • disrespect of the American flag by any person who has done nothing to preserve or protect it
  • Hollywood
  • people who are not United States citizens receiving government assistance
  • horribly written novels that are popular with students
  • female MMA fighters or boxers
  • people who drive in the passing lane or completely stop in a merge lane
  • poorly spoken grammar . . . especially by educators
  • smoking
  • after a child is over a year old, the parent still uses months to describe age
  • hyphenated last names
  • profanity . . . just because
  • being late
  • smoking for 40 years then wanting sympathy for COPD
  • someone facetiming in a public place
  • any store that has numerous cash registers with only two lanes open
  • a thief
  • any version of “Keep Calm”
  • people who insist on saying ATM machine or police K-9 dog

Are there any more? Sure. What about you? Just let it out. You will feel better.

Bon Vélo!

17 thoughts on “I am the Only One?

  1. What’s wrong with reversing into a parking space? It’s much safer than reversing out into traffic and my preferred way of parking.

    1. There’s no problem with it if you aren’t holding up traffic behind you while you make a hash of backing in

  2. No, you’re not the only one. Mark Cavendish is just miserable-I was hoping that he would win gold at Rio so that he could retire and just go away. Backing into car spaces is one of my chief peevs- selfish and ignorant (don’t they know that backing the car makes it 2/3 MORE manoeuvreable than driving forwards?! ie EASIER to get out of the space…). Here are a couple more:
    Sore winners- because they don’t know how to win with grace, presumably because they don’t win that often
    Texting in a public space without the keypad being on silent-I really don’t need to hear you tapping on your smartphone & suffering that clicking noise…

    I’ll probably think of a few more on my ride home tonight. Watch this space

  3. Aside from the usual close passes and full light beams +/- fog lights (when theres no fog) tonight, the term “physicality”. Often used by lazy sports commentators to describe physical performance as in, “the sheer physicality of the team was outstanding…”. What’s wrong with describing a physical performance for Petes sake?

  4. What’s wrong with ATM machine, mister redundant man? LOL! I’m with you brother, though I get female MMA fighters. Hot girls beating the heck out of each other is cool.

  5. I agree with some and not others…such as backing into parking spaces. I do it only in mall parking lots. I don’t want to back out and hit a kid. I especially agree with the tone of your post…there are things that seem kinda crazy, silly, overdone or just pointless to me also. It’s good to name them and let them go…until I encounter them again.

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