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The United States was founded on an idea, or rather the resurfacing of an idea: Freedom. Many Americans, and even others around the world, believe that the great divorce from England was a radical and rebellious act, au contraire. The English citizens in the English colonies of North America were only re-establishing their rights given to them June 15, 1215. Even before sailing to the new colonies in the early 17th Century, Sir Edward Coke spoke against Charles I’s claim of sovereign power. “Take heed what we yield unto; Magna Carta is such a fellow that he will have no sovereign.” In full disclosure, the rights of humans precede documents like the Magna Carta by many centuries. From nomadic clans of Eastern Europe to the American Indians to the Danes of Western Europe to the vast tribes on the African continent, inalienable rights were established, defended and respected. 

The drive to be a free people is not American. It is human. It is historical. Here are few in no particular order: The French Revolution, The Battle of Little Bighorn, The American Civil War, The Irish War of Independence, The Texas Revolution, Wars of Scottish Independence, The American Revolution, The Greek War of Independence, and on and on throughout the ages. Although the founders of American independence looked at several models of democracy (such as Romans and Greeks), they were leery about direct democracy. History showed examples to be fleeting and not conducive to large governments. The reason why the United States is a Constitutional Republic.

The deaths of countries are inevitable. Some deaths come more quickly than others. Rome lasted for well over a millennium, while Ancient Greece lasted 350 years and the United States is still bumping around the 200 year mark. Many people cannot fathom the death of a country. The main, and ironic, issue with a free people is that they possess freedom. There is a gluttonous appetite to freedom. In 1959 John Steinbeck wrote to his friend Adlai Stevenson, ”If I wanted to destroy a nation, I would give it too much and I would have it on its knees, miserable, greedy and sick.” Freedom does not work in tandem with itself. It cannot allow for the liberty to do as one wishes, while at the same time allowing others the freedom to suppress what they do not like. This develops a war of ideas.

Countries die slow, agonizing deaths. History has proven many times over that countries like The Republic of China, The U.S.S.R, Cuba, and recently Venezuela die at the hands of government officials who thought they knew what was best for the people, wrapped in bright packages of patriotism and safety of citizens. To show patriotism, you will do this as a demonstration of loyalty. For your safety, you are not allowed to gather in a crowd. To protect the freedom of others, you can no longer say certain words or disagree with those limitations. To keep from being offensive, you cannot pray in public or wear religious jewelry outside of clothing. To ensure the safety of our children, you must participate in this program. To have harmony and equality, education must be even and balanced with a controlled and rigidly streamlined curriculum. To avoid gender stereotypes, a male who identifies as a female can wrestle girls for the girls’ state title. To stop discrimination, non-citizens have a right to collect government benefits from a country of which they are not citizens. It is the death by a thousand cuts. A government cannot show its hand by passing laws that directly violate inalienable rights; that results in rebellion and anger, so they pad federal and state mandates with words like safety and patriotism for the idea of self-conformity. After all, if you are a citizen who loves your fellow citizen then you will not mind doing X, Y and Z.

In a Constitutional Republic, there are legal and binding documents that guarantee the rights of its citizens. If a government decides to bum rush the documents, the results are historically not in their favor. On the other hand, if citizens can be lulled to sleep, when they finally wakeup it is too late. So how is this done? There are simple steps that are repeated throughout history:

  1. Control the flow of information, because if it is being reported on the “news” then it must be true. If there is a control of information, then there is no free press, because a true free press holds a government accountable. 
  2. Funnel thought into one corridor by use of education and what should and should not be read
  3. Weaken the military to shape into what is needed by breaking down the rules of the military to allow for more “free will,” driving out rigid patriots and bringing in a more malleable structure.
  4. Manufacture crisis or exploit a crisis to abuse emergency powers with edicts and mandates.
  5. Increase surveillance of the citizens for the “safety” of the citizens.
  6. Gain immediate approval of all directives by manipulating the judicial seats and the interference of free elections.
  7. Divide and conquer the masses, basing the division on race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, and ideology.

So is this currently happening? Unequivocally yes and gaining momentum. I will not laden this with magnificent list of examples, but here is a small sampling:

  • Reading a Dr. Seuss book to a child is attributed to hate speech or racist propaganda. 
  • Multiple major universities decide to separate graduations based on sexual orientation, race and gender. 
  • Big Tech cancels disagreeable sites to combat “hate speech.”
  • Schools, both public and private, issue regulations on speech to promote inclusive language.
  • Anti-corruption HR-1 is passed by the House of Representatives calling for a ban on all voter I.D. laws.
  • The building of a border wall promotes “birthism” and racism. 

No, there will not be another civil war in the near future, but we are beyond a crossroads. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” As free people around, it is our civic duty to educate ourselves and know what our rights are and participate in this war of ideas. Resistance is NOT futile. 

5 thoughts on “Human Interest

  1. Interesting, thought-provoking and well-crafted piece. From an Irish viewpoint, we’ve had a chequered history, as you know. My own Grandfather fought in the GPO during the Easter Rising. Colonialism is a scourge we are all-too familiar with. I think it would be fair to say that the States has its own chequered history when it comes to colonialism. We could argue the toss, here, no doubt. Freedom is, as you adroitly point out, a hard-won right, and one that teeters on the edge at times. Too much can indeed be a problem. Certainly many global powers are eyeing each other up at the moment, each looking for an edge. Sad thing is, the world needs clarity right now, and communal action. Looking inward is not going to solve the massive problems we face. Though I respect that that was not the point of your post. Cheers from a sunny Ireland on this Good Friday.

  2. Nice post, my friend. As the saying goes, name a time in history, the group limiting speech and banning books turned out to be the good guys. I’ll wait.

    Of course, that cuts both ways.

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