The Innocent and Pure

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As I am writing this, it is still hard to believe that I am now a grandparent. My grandson was recently born to my son and his wife and all are doing well. Because of the conditions, we could not be at his birth or visit them in the hospital. We had to wait. My son and his wife were sweet enough to send us a picture soon after he was born. I had just pulled into my garage when it popped up on my phone. To say the absolute least, it was breathtaking (to use the word in it truest form).

It was a few days later, when released from the hospital, we meet Isaac for the first time. As we walked up the steps of their home, memories of meeting my own children for the first time came flooding back to me. The weight of responsibility is very present. The immediate revelation of the child’s dependence is profound. The instantaneous warm feeling of deep and limitless love is incredible. How could I have just met another human for whom I would give my life? Without hesitation. I truly believe that it is the purest and deepest definition of love a person can ever experience, this side of Heaven.

Isaac was nursing in his room when we came in, so we took a seat in the living room and waited. Isaac. His name means laughter. Sarah and Abraham did not believe God when told they would have children in their later years and actually laughed at the idea. Later, God would put Abraham through the ultimate test of faith, shown in the book of Genesis. As Isaac went with his father to give a sacrifice to God, they carried wood but were without an animal. Curious, the little boy asked his father a simple question:

Abraham answered, “God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.” And the two of them went on together.

It was not long before my grandson appeared. Asleep. The kind of sleep that only infants can demonstrate. Complete rest and comfort with a security of knowing that everything is okay. And there it was again: the instant love; although this time there was no pressure of any kind. Honestly, I was slightly thrown off by this feeling. Just love? It was not until the ride home that night when my wife hit the nail on the head: Being a grandparent has one purpose, without the draining distractions of day-to-day responsibility. Being a grandparent means to love. And again, it is wrapped in that purest form of love. It is quite apparent that my son and and his wife are doing all they can to help Isaac transition and become the man God wants him to become. Yes, young parents out there, it starts immediately. So where does that leave us grandparents? Love. 

Now, let me be clear. I will do my duty as a patriarch. Yes, there are certain responsibilities with that title, but the key point is that it is not my sole responsibility for Isaac. It is not on my shoulders. I am a backup, an aide, an advisor. I know that there are people out there who have been put in the position of having to be grandparent and parent. It must be difficult, to say the least. I thank God every morning that that is not my case. We just have to love. We are up to the task. Pops and Mimi have got this.


8 thoughts on “The Innocent and Pure

      1. Well, yes, I suppose it is a funny one to explain, although I think ‘love’ covers just about all the angles. I guess it’s what makes us human.

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