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There is a mystique surrounding the mafia or “the mob.” The wise guys. The clothes. The street lingo. The money. The guns. The killings. The family. In its heyday, the mafia of New York City was controlled by five families: Gambino, Lucchese, Genovese, Bonanno, and Colombo. For many decades, Hollywood has dramatized the mafia. Yes, some of my favorite movies come to mind when I think of the mafia: Goodfellows, The Godfather, Casino, and The Departed. In the not too distant past, The Sopranos once again boosted the mafia glamor. Although there is a swagger and coolness associated with the families and the “made men” of those families, one must not forget that they are criminals of the worst kind.

Donnie Brasco was a movie in the 90’s with Johnny Depp portraying Joe Pistone. Based on a true story, the movie gives an overall view of what happened when an FBI agent infiltrated the Italian mob. The podcast Deep Cover is the incredible six-year undercover stint told by Joe Pistone . . . deep undercover. How did he infiltrate the mafia, gain trust, fake his criminal activity, and not buckle under tremendous pressure? Joe explains the difference between undercover and deep undercover. The sacrifice of this agent is unimaginable. Just as an example of his dedication, Joe had a wife and two daughters when he went deep. Christmases, birthdays and other events were non-existent when living as someone else. The podcast is a “sit down” with Joe Pistone, while being interviewed by actor Leo Rossi. Joe has a great way of communicating his exploits and explanations of how the mafia works.

4 thoughts on “Fahgetaboudit

  1. I didn’t think I would like this show but it surprised me. The main shows were really interesting. The Q&A and bonus epics were a bit repetitive though and I didn’t finish them. It’s without a doubt a strange way to earn a living!

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