The Autumn South

nature red forest leaves

If you have never lived a period of time in the southern states of America, it is hard to explain the seasonal transitions or lack thereof. Here is a simple breakdown:

  • Summer . . . boiling hot and extremely humid from May-ish to September-ish
  • Autumn . . . wet, warm, cold and/or freezing
  • Winter . . . spread out over sporadic days of bitter cold, with a generally sticky and humid                                        Christmas Day
  • Spring . . . wet, warm, cold and/or freezing

A great place to ride a bicycle, with adjustments to the heat and humidity, while the off-season still allows for getting outside on a bike. I enjoy the change of pace entering late autumn and winter. Base miles are another term for getting out and remembering what made you fall in love with the cycling. Miles and miles of low zone spinning, coupled with some VO2 and gym work. The group rides are hit and miss. Most of the time I avoid them, due to my lack of discipline to stay in my zones when someone begins to make the pace higher or attacks out of the blue. Just one group ride that opens up into a full blown, zone five, hair-on-fire ride can ruin days and days of training. The absolute best is a group who all have the same mindset for off-season work. The group can help each other and the long, long hours of base riding is not lone mission.  

When the ride is long and solo, I still listen to the next installment of my latest podcast. I will continue to update readers on what I enjoy and do not enjoy in the podcasting world. Next, I will discuss the lurid and seedy world of the Dixie Mafia. Yes, it is a real thing . . . or was in the 1970’s.

Bon Vélo!

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