Bora and a Look at TdF Stage 19

I am confused. Most of the confusion is with the lack of specific information inside of the Bora Hansgrohe team. Stage 19 was an absolute cluster for Bora. What, if any, was the progression from the sports director? I am very aware that I am a second-rate cyclist who does not have a clue about top level racing, but I am at a complete loss for words on how to explain the tactics, or lack there of, for Bora Hansgrohe. Breaking down the stage in simplistic sections, this is how it looked as a spectator:

A lone rider goes into the break.

Bennett is ahead in points and would LOVE to sit in and not have to exert himself in what little climbing there is; after all, he is in the lead.

At KM 84 there was a category 4 climb, the Cote de Chateau-Chalon. It is here, Bora being on the front, could have attacked HARD and put Bennett in difficulty . . . a weakness he has already shown. What does Bora do? Nothing. They just allow Bennett to sit in their slipstream until the sprint. Okay . . . so absolutely nothing accomplished. Maybe it is the stage win that they want.

Breaks are caught. Breaks form and are caught. Then Sagan ends up in a breakaway, but has NO teammates. Bennett is there with them. Sagan must know by now that he cannot out sprint Bennett. With two small climbs on the run in, could Sagan get away from Bennet?

No. Trentin attacks. Sagan jumps on his wheel. Bennett follows. Nothing accomplished.

As everyone is looking around, Soren Kragh Andersen jumps away and well . . . rides away. Having already won a stage, one would think that he might be a threat to win and take maximum points away from anyone trying to gain points in the green jersey competition. Bennet has zero reason to chase. So the group continues to look at each other.

In the end, Sagan does some kind of sprint with Bennett to the finish line. Nothing accomplished.

So, therein lies all of my confusion as just a professional cycling fan. If Peter does not have the legs then why is the Bora Hansgrohe team on the front from the start? Sponsors? Putting on a show? Testing Bennett? It has been obvious since the beginning that Sagan did not come to the Tour in form. Do not give me that crap that he is not a pure sprinter either. The whole Bora team, except for maybe Daniel Oss, looks like they are sitting in for a group ride from a bike shop every day.

Can someone help me understand?

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