Moving toward a New Adventure

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”
― John Muir

Nature has always attracted me. Since I was a very young child, my dad took me hunting. As a child the woods were so consuming to me, engulfing my imagination and spirit of adventure. Trees stretched to the sky and blended into a heavy canopy that allowed bars of sunlight to pass through, making patterns and the heavily leaved floor. Birds sang songs for me all day long. Even now, as an adult, I feel small, almost immaterial, in a vast expanse of woods.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe smell of dirt, natural debris and rotting wood is wonderful. It carries a clean, fresh feel to it. I enjoy finding a massive oak tree and guessing its age. What or who has walked under this tree in its lifetime? Has the trunk felt the vibrations of war? This is a living and, literally, breathing thing that is hundreds of years old! Seeing the “big boys” in the California, the margin moves to thousands of years. No, I am not a tree hugger of sorts, but even the Bible tells us to take care of what we are given. And with this in mind, my wife and I are looking to get into the travel trailer game . . . a way of enjoying the outdoors and relaxing in nature.

If you have ever read my blog in recent posts, it is obvious that I enjoy diving into the research of things. Whether I am buying a pair of tennis shoes or a travel trailer, I spend weeks and weeks doing my due diligence to find what is the best product to give me the best results. The Internet has made this more of a problem for me. Now, the travel trailer is consuming my research time. The bad thing is that I am finding myself spiraling deeper into unanswered questions connected to which travel trailer is the best. Here is a small sampling for those who might want to help me:

  • Do I need different towing permits as we cross from state to state?
  • Must I stop at the weigh-stations along the way?
  • If I am hooked to the campsite water and sewage, why would I have to flush grey and black water?
  • Are there alarm systems for travel trailers?
  • Is having a firearm in your travel trailer the same as having one in your home? Or do I need a permit for certain states?
  • If my truck has a towing capacity of 7,000 pounds, what is the “comfortable” area for me? 3,500? 4,500? higher?
  • Do I travel with fresh water in my tank?
  • If I live in the South, do I have to do the antifreeze flush thing?
  • How much time does two 30 pound propane tanks give me?
  • While traveling, does the refrigerator just run on propane only?

These are just a few off of the top of my head. To say I am excited about our new adventure is an understatement. We are so excited and are thinking of making the purchase somewhere around the December-January area (cheaper?). That will also give us time to dial everything in before the camping season rolls in. Yes, the camper will be equipped with a bicycle rack. Are you kidding? Of course we will be riding! It is just another cool aspect of the whole idea: drive to a certain area, relax and ride new roads.

Bon Vélo!


4 thoughts on “Moving toward a New Adventure

  1. No water in the rig while traveling. Get a concealed pistol license, then you don’t have to worry about where, when and how as much. Just keep it locked in the vehicle when you’re out and about. And don’t go to Illinois.

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