The Amazing Sortir, XI

We were headed home.

img_20190721_112007-1We knew it was time. Being on a great adventure is draining, but we felt content, kind of like the feeling after a good, slow Italian meal. Our vacation had turned from very questionable to iconic. Before we left, Tammy wanted to do something. She wanted some Italian shoes, particularly red Italian shoes. Our flight did not leave until after lunch, so off we went. Having a certain place in mind that she had seen on the bike tour, we allowed Google to show us the way.

img_20190721_112955Passing through beautiful streets and the bustle of people making their morning commute, we weaved our way around. Turning around one corner, there it stood. How could we have missed this? It was not even on the bike tour. How could they not put it on the bike tour? One of the most iconic things in Rome was standing before us, 100 feet high: Trajan’s Column. Erected in the 2nd Century to honor the Roman emperor Trajan’s victories in the Dacian Wars, the massive column is known for its relief that spirals around the column with a narrative story. What saddens me is that it use to have two libraries on each side of it that held the writings of Trajan and his dispatches during the war. Gone . . . along with his statue that was placed on top and survived for well over a thousand years until it “disappeared” in the Middle Ages and replaced by the Apostle Peter. Emperor Trajan’s ashes and that of his wife, Plotina, were placed in golden urns at the base but also went missing . . . not shocking. The construction of such a column is an engineering marvel.

img_20190721_122953As Tammy dragged me away from the column, we eventually found our Italian shoe store. She tried on a lot of shoes and settled with two pair of red shoes, a pair of flats and a pair of stacks. It gives me such joy to see her excited about the smallest things. The two ladies at Marcus were so nice and helpful. Tammy discussed how to order from them later . . . this might not be good. Then again, without the shoe adventure, we would have missed Trajan’s Column.

We made our way back to the apartment and grabbed our luggage to jump on nice shuttle to the airport. We looked at each other on the ride. Did that just happen? What a great few days. The memories are something that will live in my heart forever. Traveling with my best friend and seeing all that we saw and experiencing it together were more than I could ask. God blesses us so much. Our flight was long but restful. Tammy and I have begun talking about the new adventures that have not happened yet. We are listing places to visit and what we would like to see next. We are even kicking around the idea of a camper. With us, you never can tell. img_20190722_044424

4 thoughts on “The Amazing Sortir, XI

  1. Thanks for taking us all along on your wonderful trip. Really moving to read how brave your grandfather was and without him & his comrades our lives could have been so different.
    Somehow think the Italian shoe collection could grow in numbers.
    Thanks again

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