The Amazing Sortir . . . part two, The City of Light

mvimg_20190711_075607Calling an Uber, my wife and I were whisked away from our airport hotel to our Airbnb in the city. As usual, we drop our bags and go into whatever city we are visiting and start snooping around and getting a lay of the land. We had some ideas of what we wanted to do in Paris, but we have learned through trial and error that in a large city a person can see a lot of a little or a little of a lot. We prefer seeing things thoroughly and saving other things for another visit.

The subway is a great way and more affordable way to get around large cities. With the massive amount of planning for this whole vacation, I did not have time to study the Paris subway system, like I normally do before visiting a place. We are naturally adventurous. We have learned over the years to take a shot and see what happens; and if it turns out opposite of what was thought, just try something different . . . so down into the subway we go.

The bustle of the metro is always exciting and nerve-wracking. Where do I purchase tickets? Where is the metro map? Which way is best to see this or that? My French had been tested on the flight over, and I was feeling a bit confident. With a book of twelve tickets in hand (cheaper to do that), we entered a car headed to the Saint Lazare stop. The metro was PACKED with people. My wife and I hugged belly to belly and laughed at our having to travel like sardines but felt that it was all part of the experience. The trip was quick and waaaaaay more curvy that I had noticed in other city metros. When we were almost to our stop, the car took a sharp curve, and we lost our balance. I held onto my wife and tried to keep her from hitting the floor, as we fell back into the crowd. She landed on me, and I landed on the floor after bouncing off of several people. No damage. We were actually laughing when we go to our feet and the doors opened. What a start!

mvimg_20190711_092840Leaving the car, I wanted to capture a picture of our first stop. My wife beat me to it . . . because I did not have a phone anymore. Gone. Somewhere in the fray, someone had grabbed my phone when I fell or something, but either way it was gone. To say the least, my wife and I were distressed. Day one? How could this happen? We immediately called T-Mobile and had my phone suspended. We sat on a bench for a little bit, outside of the subway. It had been so perfect thus far. How could it start like this? My wife was upset, and I was trying to think of my next steps. The phone was gone. What could I do? We were at a fork in the road and thousands of miles from home. We had to talk about our next move. I could not stand to see my wife this upset, on what was our dream trip. Deep breath . . .  how can I make this better?

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