The Amazing Sortir . . . part one

There are times in our lives that are unforgettable, good and bad. Albert Einstein once wrote, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” As I write this, I cannot express how nervous I am that I will not be able to explain how incredible our recent vacation to celebrate our 30th anniversary was. If all of it did not actually happen to me, I would not have believed it myself.

img_20190710_142733_1We arrived at the Atlanta airport full of excitement . . . with a slight bit of anxiety. We had not been to Europe in decades, and how my plans would turn out was completely unknown. So as we sat down at the gate and waited for boarding, a call came out on the intercom that if someone wanted to upgrade their seats to come to the counter. Hey, what not? Having checked first class rates when we booked, I knew that ONE ticket in first class on Air France to Paris was around $8,000. My wife went to check. She returned all smiles and said that we were now flying first class. Wait, what?! The upgrade for both of us was $500.

Oh, this is going to be a gooooood vacation . . . and we were not even there yet!

The flight was wonderful. Our seats reclined to full beds. We pretty much had a private flight attendant. To add, there were overnight bags for each of us, slippers, an incredible dinner and breakfast, refreshing wet clothes, and on and on. I felt like a rock star . . . or maybe a professional cyclists on the World Tour. I was already blown away and not even in Europe yet!

As a precaution to how we would feel when landing, having planned to have ridden in economy, I had an airport hotel booked to shower and refresh since we could not go directly to our Airbnb apartment right away. A quick cab ride to our hotel did not take long to remind us that we were in Europe, once we saw our room. img_20190711_100556

We were having such a good time at this point and were ready to get cleaned up and head into “town.” The City of Light was waiting for the American couple . . .  little did we know what was next.

2 thoughts on “The Amazing Sortir . . . part one

  1. Really pleased to read you had a great upgrade for a lot less cost than it would normally be. Definitely a great start to hopefully what will be a memorable vacation.

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