With Less than 24 Hours to Go . . .

tammy.jpgIt is going to happen. My wife and I are so excited . . . and a bit nervous. Packing and planning have been the focus. We fly out tomorrow. Although I hit a bit of a snag, I am blessed and will not allow myself to get down about it. After all, we will be at the Tour de France! Gerry has tried to help me, but we could not get anything secured. I even emailed and called some local (French) bike shops, but no dice.

I have been giving a lot of thought to what I would like to accomplish on this trip. After much consideration, I just want my wife to thoroughly enjoy herself and see all the things she has always dreamed about. Sure, I would like to get in a good position and have some great views on a stage or so, but like I said before, this trip is to celebrate our 30th anniversary. From the beginning of the Bible and throughout, there are many references to two people becoming one. I truly believe that is the case with me and my wife. I feel that she is half of me. My daughter joked the other day that she hopes that both of us live a very long time together because if one goes the other will soon after. There is a lot of truth to that.

We met when we were teenagers in high school. She walked by and flipped my hair, as I stood at my locker. Those chocolate brown eyes and raven hair did not take long to consume my every thought. We dated all through high school and married soon after, as I joined the Army. We spent time in Europe, when I was stationed in Germany and soon there were children bopping around the house. No, life is not a fairytale, and there are some extremely hard things to endure, but my beloved has always been there for me. We went back to college late in life to give our kids something better. We worked jobs, sometimes multiple jobs to make the ends meet, but we reached goals together as a team. The word soulmate is so loosely thrown around these days, but I have no doubt that my wife is mine. I wish I could give her the world. She truly deserves it. I have never met a more unselfish and caring person than she is; while at the same time, tough as hell.  The last place you would want to stand is between that woman and her family.

Our house is empty now. The children’s rooms are quiet and are called “guest” rooms. It is something that I cannot quite grasp, but one things is for sure: I still have my love. We talk to each other and help each other adjust to the stillness of things. We remind each other how blessed we are to have two successful children who love us dearly. It really boils down to my wrestling with a plan that I had in my head of how everything would work out, kids nearby and grandchildren popping over, but things evolve. Like a team though, my wife and I lift each other up, smile and make the absolute most out of life. This trip will be a basket of even more memories for us to cherish.

Bon Vélo!

8 thoughts on “With Less than 24 Hours to Go . . .

  1. I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous trip despite the issue with the bikes. Enjoy, Le Tour and life in France to the full. I’ll enjoy reading about it.

    1. Just catching up on my Emails and read this and what a heart warming read it is.Absolutely wonderful and I hope that your still either enjoying France or did.
      As a man who has been married for 46 years I believe I am qualified to say that I am sure you are both destined to have a long life together. Enjoy every minute of it.

      1. Should of added sorry to read about you losing your phone. But I would rather read that than either of you have been injured. Enjoy.

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