My Italian Bella

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190309175838002_COVERDid I really need another bicycle? We all know the answer to that question. The owner told the shop that this red beauty was built in Italy in 1995. He was in the Army and stationed there at the time and had this bike built from the frame up. I afraid to ask the price. I was salivating from the time I laid eyes on her. I had never owned a steel frame bike up to the point, nor have I even ridden anything with a Campagnolo group set. But in the end, I bought her for $500.

Here is what I know about this bike:

  • steel frame
  • carbon fork
  • full Campagnolo Chorus 10 speed group set
  • Signed Master frame

Here is what I am told and tiny bits and pieces I have found about this bicycle:

  • Possibly 1994 model
  • Maybe a UFO paint job or Olympic paint job . . . but either way it not typical
  • X-light?
  • Could be titanium instead of steel
  • Suppose to be only “frame up” builds with this paint scheme edition

I have emailed Colnago with serial numbers and received no response, but that it not surprising. I am sure they have a ton of requests. I want to dive into the history of this bike and learn as much as I can.

How she rides? Nice. Slick and stiff and aggressive. Compared to my 2018 Orca Orbea Aero, she is close to the same responsive feel! I was amazed the first time out that a twenty year old Colnago could handle the way she does . . . especially in descending! The headset feels a bit slammed, even though I have checked the numbers on my setup with my other bikes. Maybe that is just the tilt or geometry of the frame. I thought this bike would be wall art or something I rode for kicks or maybe a resell later, but I was wrong. I will be riding this bike often (retraining myself how to shift with Campagnolo). It is beautiful Italian work of art . . . like a Ferrari . . . nice to look at but also can lay it down.

Now, I know in the WordPress world there are some of you out there who know about Colnago bicycles. Help, please!

Bon Vélo!


8 thoughts on “My Italian Bella

  1. Hi Sheree
    You may not believe this but your bike is one I longed for for years.
    Even today I would love a Colnago because of their history and that design is just beautiful in my eyes. During the period they were made I went to a Triathlon show & got speaking to a man on the Colnago stand and explained how I would love one but could not afford it. He told me to wait a minute went off and came back and gave me fantastic catalogue of their bikes. Even that is beautiful. If only he had given me a bike instead of that though ha ha !
    I do however have a Bianchi their cheapest model but at least they too have a great history. Great bike & I envy you. Safe riding.

      1. They really are !
        And I am just amazed that they did not continue with those paint schemes for longer.
        I would definitely hang one in my living room if I could afford to.

      2. Yes! When I am finished with it. I am going to have the frame professionally restored from little pings and chips and hang it up. I found just a frame on e-bay the other day for $2700! crazy

  2. I concur these bikes feel great to ride and more modern than one might expect. I have a 1997 Colnago Tecnos and love it. Check out my post. Have you got any more photos?

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