What happened to Discipline and Decency?

cageSitting in church this past Sunday, I could not seem to focus. No, it was not my bouts of attention deficit . . . although it does not help. It was all that was going on around me. Adults who, for whatever reason (and I am sure they have one or two), could not sit still. It seemed like every five minutes random adults were standing up and excusing their way to the door, only to return a few minutes later to shuffle and excuse their way back to a seat. Sitting there in my distracted state, I could not help but think of things that I have noticed in the past few years that have had a sudden decline in our society. The things I notice might seem archaic or even foreign to some readers, but I thought I would list a few:

  • People who allow a calling device to completely dominate every second of their life
  • Children who are allowed to speak over adults who are having a conversation
  • Adults (at least in age) who spend more on tattoos than their own children’s clothes
  • Women who have absolutely NO idea what “lady-like” means
  • Men who have absolutely NO idea what it is to honor his wife and family
  • Kindness? Courtesy?
  • Doing more to avoid work than actually working
  • Parents who run the the defense of their child who cusses out a teacher or administrator
  • Men not removing their cap or hat when walking into a place of worship or reverence
  • Teenagers who are allowed to leave their parents house dressed like prostitutes
  • Teenagers (and pre-teens) wanting to dress like prostitutes
  • The complete absence of patriotism
  • Men and women who drive to a store in their pajamas . . . or less
  • The use of profanity for absolutely no apparent reason
  • Parents who are desperate to be their child’s best friend, instead of parenting
  • Medicating life
  • Hard work . . . no, not conceptually, actual physical labor
  • Whining
  • Parents who think it is funny for their child to scream and run freely in a public place
  • People who do not possess the skill to articulate words in oral and/or written form
  • Comprehension of what “inappropriate” means
  • Understanding that having a runny nose does not mean you miss a week of work
  • Adults who constantly seek validation from other people, including their own children
  • People who do not respect the elderly

Oh, I could go on and on. Maybe it is just me. Sometimes I think that I am the only one who sees the rapidly devolving state of our society. No, I am not Eeyore. I see sparkles and splashes of hope at times. One of my favorite movies, The Book of Eli, has a scene in it where a young woman asks the main character what the world was like “before.” He replies:

“People had more than they needed. We had no idea what was precious and what wasn’t. We threw away things people kill each other for now.”

Could it be that the amount of liberties we have are actually causing us to become more artificial in society? Instant gratification and temporary moments of happiness leave us searching for more and more fulfillment which tragically leads to an ungodly level of self-interest. Wholesome and good things, such as the family structure and love of country, are constantly under attack by a selfish society. The cure for such activity is not very pleasant. Many times it is a very real wake-up call, sometimes as an individual and sometimes as a nation.

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