Do you need a law to tell you not to stab someone to death?

In a recent article Patrick Lefevere makes some interesting points about the residual problems associated with cycling and doping. As many know, the team manager for Quick-Step Floors manager is not one to remain quiet. In his 62 years of life, Patrick Lefevere has always been known for speaking his mind, as recently as Sagan being helped by motorbikes to the now Froome debacle. The effects of doping has sent a tremendous ripple throughout the sport, time and time again. Lefevere raises the point of sponsorship, to teams not even associated with the team who was caught, being an area that is profoundly affecting the sport. Once the story hits the news and the “here we go again” mindset is bouncing around the world, sponsors do not want to come on board and associate their company with the negativity.

So why cycling? If an American professional football player is popped for steroids, everyone does not react in a way that implicates that ALL football players are dopers and the sport is tainted. Even in Europe, if Wayne Rooney for Everton tweaks his knee, he can receive a Cortizone shot at the half and go right back on the field. Where as in the cycling world, saying a word that rhymes with Cortizone could fetch a suspension. One of the biggest misconceptions about cycling is that Lance Armstrong started the whole ugly face of cycling. That could not be farther from the truth. As far back as the 19th Century, nitroglycerin was used as a stimulate in the peloton. Even the great Eddie Merckx was popped three times for doping in 1969 and 1973 and 1977 and asked to keep his distance from the 2007 UCI World Championships because of his association with doping!

Looking for an advantage over an opponent has been going on since the beginning. It does not make it right, and Patrick lefevere goes on to say that we should not need a thick rule book to keep us in a moral straight. The whole Team Sky case is shady (they knew right after Vuelta and the world did not find out until December and even that was because of a leak). Transparency, my butt. Instead of taking their medicine . . .  er . . . accepting the responsibility, the team will more than likely damage this cycling season, as Froome goes on to “fight” the charges in court or whatever. In the end, nothing will be accomplished and Froome will still have to face something. Doing what is right should not have to be dictated to a person by rules and regulations or having to define the word is.

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.
–Mark Twain

8 thoughts on “Do you need a law to tell you not to stab someone to death?

  1. Doping did its harm to baseball in the 1990s with Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa and of course Barry Bonds. Because the topic is not in the headlines does not mean the damage is less. I never truly came back to a sport I grew up with and loved. The heroes were gone. That was 20 years ago. I was never into cycling at the professional level, but the damage is very similar. Every baseball record used to be sacred, and now it’s all in question each time an accomplishment falls. When the problem is that prevalent, fans become hardened and eventually lose interest.

  2. Good topic buddy!

    A few things. IMO- I think Lefevere is full of shite… he’s another delusional muppet in the sport.
    Secondly, EVERYONE in the NFL who is a stater, is on some kind of ped. Some more than others.
    Of course most of the fans know this. But it’s NO big deal, it’s A PART of the sport, it’s almost required.

    Anyone who doesn’t understand that a 250 to 300 pound human being running and hitting another human being with the force of a hit that generates anywhere from 1000 to 1600 pounds of force could survive that, by JUST lifting weights and nutritional programs is a moron. 😀 No, seriously, a moron of epic proportions.

    Players would be breaking bones every game, every weekend. Duh. Really Fozzie Bear? (Me asking the silly muppet fans)

    Without peds, you would probably lose a 1/3 to 1/2 of the players by seasons end. Muscle protects bones, period. Now, the peds NFL players take are somewhat different to the peds cyclists take. Endurance athletes take peds to RECOVER and to increase blood oxygen, not to bulk up on muscle. Most people don’t even understand this aspect of peds and their usage.

    The entire scope of peds is misunderstood and further demonized by; governments, governing bodies, pharma cartels, doctors and academia’s. ALL who are shilling for an agenda ($$$). Then of course you have the typical idiot, who doesn’t understand, because they don’t bother to do any independent research.

    Bottom line, like I have been saying for a decade, legalize the use, strict oversight and limitations. It’s NEVER going to stop. If anyone thinks so, again, they are an idiot. Seriously. If anyone believes that banning any substance is the answer, I would say that person is incapable of reasonable and logical thought processes. A recent interview with Bode Miller on the Forward was interesting, when Miller said the same thing. Legalize peds. I’m so sick of the crying and the whining… the martyrs, the drama queens in the sport and the dopey fans. Please, go away. If someone is THAT emotionally invested in a frigging sport, a form of entertainment, well that’s a pathetic life right there.
    Who the fek cares who’s taking what!? It’s just a sport. Another aspect I can’t stand is the blind who defend THEIR favorite athlete! Oh no…he or she is not taking anything! “Their CLEAN!” LMFAO!

    We need more libertarian thinking in this world, more choice = more freedom. BUT, unfortunately MOST people do not comprehend this ideology. Conditioning, brainwashing, etc. has led the majority of the world to actually believe that MORE laws and regulations are a good thing. And by the way, the title is a libertarian view, do we need a law to tell you not to stab someone? of course not! 😉

    cheers mate

      1. Yeah, but only because it allowed it self to be so. The NFL has quietly gone about its business without hardly any scutiny, becasue it knows HOW to play the game… Baseball shot itself in the foot, until it learned to ‘handle’ the situation and also STFU about it… you let the athletes take the peds… you throw a player or two under the bus once in a blue moon… done and dusted mate. Unlike cycling! practically the only sport that continually shoots itself in the foot, the mouth and the head! ALL sports are juiced to the hilt… why is it cycling seesm to be the only scapegoat? Well, because it has little money and lobbying power. And because for whatever the reasons, it also seems to have some of the most unsophisticated ‘businessmen’ running the sport!

        ALL the sponsors know what’s going on… that narrative is laughable. But for me, it’s simply entertainment. I don’t pin my hopes and dreams on a bunch of pro athletes… I love to watch and I love a good show!

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