Of Course, I am Writing . . .

Sagan,_Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne_2017I had to take a day to let the news soak in. Of course, I am going to comment. Again, the UCI (Union Cycliste Idiots) has made a profound statement that, in all intents and purpose, as usual, gives cycling another black eye. Please do not jump to the argument that they are doing a swell job of clearing up the matter. Nope. They are only muddying the water. After all, if Peter Sagan did nothing wrong and was NOT allowed to defend himself (which is clearly in the rules) before being disqualified, what does this ridiculous “decision” have to do with anything!

Let us look at what it cost Bora. For starters, Sagan was not allowed to attempt a record-equalling sixth consecutive year in green. There is no do-over. Even if Sagan wins green this coming year, it will not be consecutive. Next, Bora Hansgrohe lost hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, in sponsorship TV advertisement and exposure. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, Peter Sagan was not in the Tour de France! Fans all over the world (including this guy) quit watching the Tour, at that exact point. For the UCI to do such a moronic move as removing their main superstar, without following the procedures for doing so, is equivalent to buying a beautiful handgun, loading it, and shooting yourself in the foot. Seriously? What was available now that was not available at the race? New footage? Yeah, okay. This is the MAIN reason why the World Tour continues to flounder. It is bad enough to have to rise up from the ashes of doping scandal after doping scandal, but cycling actually managed a decent come back, mainly with the help of a superstar named Peter Sagan. Even in the United States, the momentum was picking up. Even at my work with people who have no knowledge of professional cycling know who Peter Sagan is. Then in the biggest race, with the largest viewing in the world, that guy is eliminated, for what the UCI now claims, was nothing.

Now, through all of this, Peter Sagan has stayed a complete gentleman. I would have lost my mind! He just states he did nothing wrong. Goes home. Trains. Wins the World Championship. The depth of incompetency in the UCI body is astounding. When will someone be put in charge who can actually lead? It is only a matter of time until another incident will be mishandled and cycling slips again.

Bon vélo!

One thought on “Of Course, I am Writing . . .

  1. If anyone didn’t understand after that debacle that the uci is a BOUGHT, OWNED and SOLD $2 blowjob whore…they never will. #statistmentality the uci is the second most CORRUPTED governing body in sports behind fifa. Moist if not all of its board should be in prison for financial fraud and bribery. The banksters protect these scum, because they stand to make millions and collectively hundreds of millions in bribe and dark money. the ico is the same. That is why pro sports is a complete joke. Why people get upset over the nonsensical ped use or mechanical cheating in all sports is laughable. So misguided and naive. Money rules the roost in everything. This world is mostly a corrupt, criminal, murderous, pedophilia cesspool. But the majority just don’t get it… c’est la vie I suppose…

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