All New to Me

purchaseMaybe someone out there has experience with what is my first time. I need someone to explain how things work. I am on virgin ground, so to speak. This all started a few weeks ago and appears to be a never-ending process. I am talking about ordering a new bike, not just a off-the-rack bike, but a custom bike. I have always tried to progress with my bike purchases, trading and moving up to a better level, but in doing so I bought bikes that were used. If you have read my previous posts, you already know that I currently race a 2013 S5 Cervelo VWD with 10-speed Dura-ace Di2. I have had it for almost 4 years and feel the need to venture into a new realm.

The bike that I am purchasing is the new Orbea Ocra Areo M20i Team with a chosen paint scheme, Rotor Flow cranks, Vision 4D handlebars and Di2. When I sat down with my shop owner and starting picking out things, we both thought it would be a month or two process. When placing the order, we find out that it will be a “first of March” delivery. Wait . . . what? I will be a month or so into the race season when it is delivered. Orbea gives the following reasons:

  • Shimano is holding things up because of the new Di2 that is coming out and it is not quite ready.
  • Custom frames are built and assembled in Spain.
  • 53cm frames are in high demand and a bit behind in production.

So, is this normal? A tri-guy whom I sort of know told me that he ordered a new TT Cervelo and it took about that long to get. Now, I do understand that custom bikes are not hanging on racks ready to be boxed up, but that long? Many of you out there ride different brands of custom bikes, which made me wonder if it is the brand or the custom part that takes 5 months. Yes, I know. Most people (including me a few years ago) would be rolling their eyes at my whining, when I am blessed enough to order a custom bike. I know that it is a blessing. I still pinch myself, thinking that I will be riding a bike that no one else has ever thrown a leg over with my name painted on the top tube. I must add that as a consolation, my local shop is allowing me to ride a stock Orbea Orca Areo with 105 to get the feel of the ride. Yeah, local bike shop! That bike is supposed to be in this week. All in all, I can barely contain my excitement and must do so for another five months . . . it will be the ultimate definition of delayed gratification. That being said, let me know if you can give me some insight on this topic.

Bon Vélo!


3 thoughts on “All New to Me

  1. I bought my Venge standard off the rack and upgraded everything over a couple of years… Five months is a long wait, but custom is custom, bro. It is what it is.

  2. It’s a bit of a first world problem though isn’t it? 😉 When you go custom you’ve got to expect things to take a little longer than ordering off the peg or even parts from a catalogue put together by your bike shop. Enjoy the process and the wait, it’s all part of the experience!

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