A Letter of Concern from Your Bike

writing-1209121_960_720Dear Sir:

It has been a long time since my last letter. It has taken me a while to be able to let your decision soak in. We have been a good team. I hope that you have always been satisfied with the my performance. Unless it was something beyond my control, I can truly say that I have done the best I could for you. Needless to write, #2 Bike is really shook up over this. I keep getting questions from him, and I do not have an answer, other than you know what you are doing. Some how, the news has escaped Fat Boy. I know when he does find out I will never hear the end of it. I shutter to imagine his level of teasing. Il est un crétin.

It is understandable that bikes evolve. I want you to only have the best. Yes, I am getting on in age. I am willing to accept my position, becoming the training and criterium bike (this is what has #2 so shook up). I told him that he would more than likely go to a more permanent position on the trainer or maybe still used in really bad weather. I am sure he will be pleased, no matter his role. He is a trooper. We bikes have an understanding, deep in our internal cabling, that we are somewhat temporary. It is exactly what I am going to remind Fat Boy too!

Please let me preface this with my understanding that I know am not owed any explanation, you are the Engine. But why not stick with the Canadian speed machine? To be more specific, a newer version of me? But a Spaniard? To be sure, that in itself concerns me. Yes, I have heard you talking with friends about the new, rule-bending Orbea areo frame. For sure, being allowed to break rules that I have had to live with, will give it more slippage in the wind. The other frame changes will make it freakishly stiff, too. I did feel some relief about staying in criterium races with you . . . I know the why of that decision, but I will surely accept my role and do my best. Speaking of racing, not questioning you, but why are you considering mountain bike racing this year? I will admit that I worry about injury . . . moreover, the increase in Fat Boy’s chatter. Please be careful. I would hate for you to rob yourself of road time.

Well, I guess I feel a bit better now. I understand that the Spaniard will not be here until March (lazy would be my guess) . . . sorry that was spontaneous. I had to go ahead and write. All of the talk in the bike shop, when you were picking out his colors and things, is hard to ignore. We all understand our role. Aging is just difficult, I guess.


#1 Bike (for now)

P.S. #2 Bike says hey

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