Much Needed Insight for a Cycling Fan Who lives in America

Aldo_Moser,_Giro_d'Italia_1965All my gadgets and whatchamacallits are set to give me feedback about professional cycling, tips, new-to-the-market stuff, and anything else related to that subject. As I have mentioned before, my wife gave me an NBC Sports Gold subscription for Christmas, and it has been icing on the cake. I consume cycling information and thoroughly enjoy watching the races. I also take a cruise around the YouTube channels (GCN and the like) when I am on my trainer. I like cycling.

Here is where I need help from someone in the know or just someone who want to take a guess. We have made it through the classics and a few smaller stage races. The Grand Tours are starting now, which brings me to the old man, The Giro d’Italia. It is the hurt locker of Italy. It is the formidable mountain climbs with screaming, hair-on-fire descending. It is unpredictable weather. It is cycling history in the making. It is one of the oldest and most revered races in the world. And it is no where to be found. Yes, YouTube has some broadcasting in various languages and spotty clips for stages, but where is the hype? I will not get into the debate of which is best, The Giro or The Tour, but I have heard that they both use the same promoters. So what gives? I think Italy is getting the shaft. Why does this race not receive the same amount of attention, globally, as The Tour? I mean at least provide some coverage on YouTube, besides a little interview and the last kilometer of a stage. Yes, there are some paying websites, but $49.00 a month is a bit much when trying to just catch a single GT.

Maybe there are some underlying reasons that my European friends know, like someone pissed off someone else back in 1954 and it has never been the same. It is just an odd thing. Almost as odd as the supposedly best cyclist in the world not even attempting to win The Giro and The Tour in the same year . . . but that is another post at a later time.

6 thoughts on “Much Needed Insight for a Cycling Fan Who lives in America

  1. Politics mate. Politics and money.
    This is the SOP answer for many things that are illogical to most all of us- except those who are in it only for the $$$. Yes, same promoter, but the host country still has to pony up big dollars or euros in this case! 🙂
    Security- local police, national police, military, etc. Infrastructure costs. Italy isn’t exactly swimming in cash… 😀

    Giro is as good as the TdF imo, but is it as appealing nationally in the USD or globally as the Tour? Hard to say for sure. TV networks not willing at the moment. In the US Universal Sports had coverage years ago. Didn’t make money for them. Lance had so MUCH to do with the TdF’s rise in the US, otherwise, we might not have coverage today.

    At least we have and cycling fans to watch pirate feeds from Eurosport or RAI.
    Just be patient and click the ads away… and at least you can watch it live.

    1. That is so much help, Archetype. It makes a bit more sense, although ridiculous. Can’t the Italians see the investment opportunity here? Pump in a bit and get a butt load back! Crazy. Thank you for the help.

      1. Prego amico 😉

        I agree, it is ridiculous on one level.
        The C-B ratio would be positive, no doubt. It could be one of those situations where each Provence can’t agree on how much to chip in, so to speak… it’s possibly a standoff that ends in a bite your nose off to spite the face.

        But at the same time, Italy is and has been plummeting into economic abyss… thanks to the euro and the tyrants in Brussels. That said, Italy is historically known for massive bureaucracy and making illogical financial and economic decisions. In a nutshell, ‘it’s Italy’ lol

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