A Grateful Letter from Your Bike

paper-1141308_960_720Dear Sir:

My bottom feels so much better. Every since the criterium, the popping has only gotten worse. I know it was bothering you, just because I could tell how you were beginning to modify your pedal stroke to avoid it. I apologize. I was really trying to hold back, but my bottom bracket was making a racket. I have never been a fan of the press fit, anyway. Yes, light is nice, but any movement can and does result in losing power in the transfer. That being said, good call on having a BB30 threaded put in. I believe we will both be happy about the conversion.

Speaking of maintenance, #2 Bike would not bring this up to you, but he needs his rear hub checked. He believes it is loose. He such is a trooper. He knows his place on our team. He is a good bike, a solid producer, and I must admit that I am a bit jealous of his paint job. He likes to hear that. No stickers for him, just beautiful painted graphics on his aluminum, Italian frame. Your spending so much time with him is a trade-off, and I understand the plan. His heavier body on hill and sprint repeats produces power that benefits us when you mount me. I can feel the transfer. By the way, I overheard the conversation you had with your friend the other day about a power meter. I agree, not that you need my input, but it only gives us more data. I know you like that.

Before I sign off, I want to thank you for putting Fat Boy in the garage. At least during the season, I will not have to hear from him. He will like it anyway, hanging high on the bike rack among dirty yard tools. He is disgusting. Sorry, I know I have said that before and he has his place. I am far more superior to him, so his comments slide off of me like the wind across my aero frame, but #2 Bike gets upset easily. Anyway, thank you again for your attention to my issue. Until next time . . .


#1 Bike

P.S. #2 Bike says hey


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