A Much Needed Letter from Your Bike

800px-Stipula_fountain_penDear Sir:

Tomorrow marks exactly one year since my last letter. I am truly sorrowful for the delay. Of course, we still spent a great deal of time together . . . although you decided to begin implementing gravel riding into your training this off season. Sorry. Maybe that may have sounded a tad bitter. After all, I am bicycle that thoroughly enjoys being raced and trained upon; and for me to think that Fat Boy is getting equal, if not more, attention than I is disheartening. I want to think that I am still your stead, your pride and joy, your go-to hammer machine. Please make no mistake: I do not want to look like Fat Boy; although I WILL dive into whatever environment you direct me. No matter, for the skies are clearing. The sun is warming. The pavé is heating up. The season is here! Fat Boy can sit in his own muck while we lay down some mileage.

Speaking of laying it down, sir, I want to comment on your first Cat race the other day. I will be honest: you can give more. I have more to give you. I know that you are aware of the mistakes you made, especially the one about getting boxed in and losing contact with the chase group. We have the Sunny King Criterium coming up this Saturday. I know that it differs from the road race and will be a bit quicker and more intense. Focus on the race. I have got you. Stay to the front, and when you are ready to drop the hammer, believe that I will be ready. Just promise me one thing: race me. Do not think too much. Believe that all of your training is for a purpose of accepting pain and building speed and power. Be completely empty when you cross the line. Sorry. I do not mean to be too coachy. You are the man. I am just the machine . . . although a gorgeous, carbon fiber, speed machine with electronic shifting that can barely wait until Saturday!

#2 Bike has been keeping me up to date on your hill repeat training and sprint intervals. I love those too, but I know that he is heavier which makes me lighter and faster for you. We are all a team . . . I guess that includes Fat Boy, even though he is still filthy and very mean to me and especially #2 Bike. I generally ignore his ignorance, constantly mocking my Italian/French heritage and #2 Bike’s shyness. I must admit that the other day, in anger, I asked him if his Santa Cruz frame was here legally. Wrong I know, but he makes me so irritated. Anyway, have a great day!


#1 Bike

P.S. #2 Bike says hey

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