Click Bait

fish-311721_960_720Many times in the world of the Internet there are articles on your news feed with only one purpose: to provoke a click. The article usually has a provocative title that causes a person to click the link, and normally I am not suckered into that . . . then there is this morning. An article appeared on my Google news feed that really caused one reaction: it stirred the writing juices. The title piqued my interest because of the “running is better than cycling” part, so I wanted read it and maybe get a new perspective from a different angle. Long story short, this article is ridiculous. Biased aside, I will not even touch all of the 37 reasons, but here is why this is asinine:

  1. #3 “You can actually hold stuff in your hands.” Well, I have got news for the person who would not even put his/her name on this article: Not only can I hold many things in my hands while riding, but I can also tighten or loosen my shoes, put on or take off a jacket, take a call (family only), eat, tighten or loosen the buckle on my helmet, pass an energy bar to another rider, give the middle finger (with both hands on occasion) to a moron driver, release and tighten my brake lever, advance to the next song on Play Music . . . point made.
  2. #5 “Bad weather? Not a problem. You can run even in the rain and snow.” Yeah, maybe the writer of the article is correct; after all, a bicycle will not work in the snow or rain.
  3. #8 “Two words: this guy” with a goofy picture of Lance Armstrong. I do not know if the writer has looked at a calendar lately, but it is 2017. We have this guy:Omloop_Nieuwsblad_podium_2017_26-2-2017_11-36-19
  4. #12 “You get a much better workout in a shorter amount of time.” This is such a ridiculous statement. If I ride hard for 1 hour, you get the same workout by jogging for an hour?
  5. #13 “Runners are better lovers. This is a scientifically proven fact.” Dr. Seuss is not a scientist.
  6. #16 “Runners are generally much more attractive and financially independent.” Again . . .  Omloop_Nieuwsblad_podium_2017_26-2-2017_11-36-19and . . . lh
  7. #27 ” I mean, you burn like pretty much zero calories biking. What’s even the point?” Seriously?
  8. #35 “And why are they called ‘clip-less pedals’ when you have to clip into the pedals? This makes no sense!” Ignorance. Google it.

Mayyyyyybe the whole article is a joke. I hope so, for the sake of the writer who is sadly attempting to rebuttal an valid article in Bicycling.

Bon Vélo!


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