Birds of a Feather Dope Together?

pat_mcquaid_with_johan_bruyneelI must continue. I have been forced to do so.

This article came over my Google feed, and I could not make it to my computer fast enough. Well, actually I waited overnight before writing. Writing emotionally can sometimes come out as a jumbled mess that only the writer can understand. To put it mildly, this particular article incensed me. I will pause for a moment to allow my readers to give it a quick look.

Johan Bruyneel . . . where oh where do I begin? Let us just boil this down. Bruyneel is and was a forgotten road racer who later had a managerial role with certain professional teams: Astana, Radio Shack and U.S. Postal (Discovery). Gosh, it is right on the tip of my tongue . . . what do all of those teams have in common?  In April 2014, Johan Bruyneel was given a ten-year ban by USADA noting that “the evidence establishes conclusively that Mr. Bruyneel was at the apex of a conspiracy to commit widespread doping on the USPS and Discovery Channel teams spanning many years and many riders.”

Well, now Mr. Bruyneel wants to attack Greg LeMond for his role in the “60 Minutes” piece on motors in the professional ranks. Something keeps coming to mind . . . something about living in a glass house and throwing rocks? In the aforementioned article, Bruyneel begins with how much LeMond is obsessed with Armstrong. Of course, Greg LeMond was concentrating on Lance Armstrong for years and was the only one pointing to the American hero, until Greg was finally vindicated for his “outrageous” claims. Yes, LeMond is on a mission and possesses laser-like focus on cleaning up the sport and hopefully placing it back into good standings when it comes to trusting that the sport is legitimate. Of course, I do not know Greg LeMond personally and have never even met him. Sure, he might be arrogant or a jerk at times, as some have said in the past, but there is no reason for anyone, especially Johan Bruyneel, to attack LeMond’s character, as he does in the article:

“LeMond knows that nothing that might affect him will ever come to light. Anything he might have done wouldn’t be provable today,” he said. “He always says that he won clean while his whole generation is suspected to have been doping. It seems impossible to me. He loves hearing that he’s the only American to have won the Tour. Or, better still, that he is the only winner of the Tour de France.”

Bruyneel even goes so far as to mock Greg LeMond’s American accent when he speaks French and used the word @s5hole when describing LeMond.

Now, as for mechanical doping, it is obviously in the sport. Catching a professional cyclist with a motor in a sanctioned event and testimony from motor makers are pretty good places to start. Bruyneel is appealing his ten-year ban and has even said on his website that doping was a “fact of life in the peloton.” He even goes on to tell Velonews that LeMond is on his “mission” just to “spread suspicion about Lance once again.” I have got news for you, Johan: There is NO need to spread suspicion about Lance Armstrong. He has admitted to all of the doping allegations and been stripped of his titles. Please quit trying to ride a dead and decaying horse. Your moment in the sun, Monsieur Bruyneel, is over . . . and hopefully more governing bodies will ban you for life.



4 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather Dope Together?

  1. Regardless of Lemond being ‘right’ about Armstrong, It is painfully clear he suffers from a form of psychosis. The fact that the industry, some fans and media STILL focus on solely on Postal and Bruyneel, reveals a massive lack of objectivity and use of logic. But of course with Lemond, there is a severe lack of logic in any of his arguments, He is obsessed to the point of absurdity. The man truly has some cerebral issues, (not with regard to his gun injury) at times he has displayed obsession, superficial charm, anger and a pseudo-like intelligence about what has been or is going on… Greg has no credibility as a ‘journo’ or spokesman on the chemical and mechanical subjects he speaks of. He won the TdF 3 times and 2 world championships, incredible achievements on the bike. But outside of that, he is not a valid source of information. The fact that he approached the French secret police to help find the so-called culprits should tell one of the ABNORMAL obsession and delusion this man has.

    With regard to “Doping” and the wide-spread use of the popular (but false) vernacular, ‘doping’ when referring to performance enhancers in sport itself it beyond silly, it’s simply ignorant. Doping, refers to illicit street drugs (heroine, cocaine) and other narcotics. Funny, I don’t hear the scumbag CORPORATE owned media labeling “medical patients” or kids on hooked on scrip narcotics as “dopers” same goes for the public. #hypocrisy

    Even though it has been said thousands of times…most of the peloton were taking some form of PED’s during the height of the usage. YET…the focus is on one man or one team. This again is absurd. This IS a product of emotional and psychological thought, NOT logical thought. The 10 year ban was handed down by one of the most inept, inefficient, and corrupted governing bodies in sport (perhaps only second to FIFA) And this is what people are hanging their hats on? It’s absolutely fraudulent. A pile of shit covered with sprinkles. The uci is a joke, the arbitrary bans and suspensions are clear cut evidence of bias and political maneuvers within the enterprise itself. The uci has been and continues to be bribed. #boughtandsold

    If the uci had any collective brains at all, they would use the NFL’s blueprint for dealing with PED’s. The fact that froome and wiggins haven’t been stripped of their 2011 and 2012 TdF wins is YET another absurdity in pro cycling. #arbitrary #bullshit

    OH…that’s right, they (the sky lie boys) were granted TUE’s by the uci… (insert rolling fucking eyes emoji) So, they then they can use the TUE as a Masking Agent in order to utilize some really advanced PED’s and it’s ALL above board! Silly me… and I thought there was something dubious going on… Ugh, well glad that’s all sorted gov! 😉

    1. I agree with everything you said. Like I said, I don’t know LeMond. I do know he was ragged for years for accusing Armstrong of the BS times he posted and was right in the end. I still feel there is a problem, but Bruyneel is not the person who any cycle magazine should give a voice. Is there really any end to this? I’m afraid not.

      1. Well, I don’t think there is end to it. Just look at the NFL. Most all players are using peds in some form or another. Bigger, faster, stronger. It’s a SHOW. The NFL makes Billions from this show. Pro sports are entertainment as I have said over and over again. Pro sports are NOT sports from a purist standpoint. Too much money involved. So once in a blue moon, the NFL (all scripted) throws a couple of lions to the slaughter. A few games of suspension…the media laps it up, the silly fans talk about endlessly on talk radio…and all is normal again. The SHOW must go on… as famously said. This is why the argument or call to legalize peds makes sense. NOBODY is halting or stopping the use of peds EVER in sports. The illicit street drugs I mentioned are ALL illegal. And look, we have no drug addicts around the world, right? No body is using drugs…that’s a fallacy!
        (more rolling eyes – lol) It doesn’t matter, because once real true gene manipulation becomes commonplace and affordable, super-human athletes will be on the menu… mankind is speeding itself to its own demise, it’s inevitable.

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