The Grind

Webster’s Dictionary defines the grind as to reduce (something) to small particles or powder by crushing it. Motivation to do something has an ebb and flow. We all have days when we just don’t want to push our bodies and/or feel the pain of a workout that lies ahead. Yesterday was a rare day for me. For most cyclists, it comes only a few times in a season. It’s the time when everything clicks. When all you have sacrificed comes to the surface at one time. I rode 45 miles yesterday, which is my typical distance on Monday, but something was clicking from the start. My legs were strong, my breathing was slow and rhythmic, my heart rate was down, my focus was laser, and my bike was flying. Mile after mile, it would flutter through my mind that I would soon blow as my bike continued to gain speed. But it never happened. I was in complete control.

Back to the definition, the grind is the daily conformation of your body to submit to your will. You cannot allow your brain to tell you that enough is enough. I don’t have much talent. I’ve always mediocre at best, but I know how to work hard. It’s to the point of obsessive. In this video, I latched onto many parts, but I thoroughly love the talent vs. skill part. Yep, many people want to be the best, but do not have the will power to go above and beyond. You don’t think there are days when I don’t feel like doing miles and miles of hill repeats? Or that I enjoy riding in the rain when it’s cold and windy? There is a price for being good. Pay your bills. Don’t talk. Do.

Bon Vélo!


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