Yoga Pants should ONLY come in Extra Small or Small

cache_3666189While shopping with my wife, she and I were looking for some new CrossFit clothing. Yes, we all are aware that yoga pants are the newest craze of women, whether out of laziness or comfort or maybe both. It has been my observation that the vast majority of women who don these pants in public do not appear to even drive by a gym, let alone work out in one. It was during said shopping excursion when a rather large woman walked up with a friend to the rack next to us and asked the friend if she thought “these” pants would work for her too. The friend of the women said she didn’t know, and the woman replied that she needed something that would “hold things in place.”

Okay, if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you should know that I do not wear professional cycling kits while riding my bike. If you are new to the blog, you might ask why. The simple reason is that I did not earn the kit. I understand that this post might get under the skin of some people, but truth has become such a foreign thing, mainly because of political correctness (I shudder to even type those two horrible words). Everybody gets a trophy with the score of the game being FUN to FUN. Or what about hiring someone for a job based on race and gender over ability? Or very overweight people should be able to model for swimsuit magazines? These are just pathetic examples of many that bounce around in social circles.

Within this same note, I have noticed that men and women alike do not care about their appearance anymore. It is not uncommon to see a woman or man in the mall in pajamas and hair sticking up everywhere and clearly no undergarments. Where has our pride gone? No, no, I’m not talking about low-income. You can be a low-income family and still be presentable (my parents may sure my sister and I did most of my childhood). This leads me to wonder why in the world someone would want to have on yoga pants that sucks itself into every crevasse of your legs, butt, and  . . . uhmmmm, other places?! Oh, because you’re comfortable and you have the right? Well, I’m not comfortable. You know deep down inside that you should not put on certain clothing and slough your way around the grocery store. Like a professional cycling kit, yoga pants are earned. There is a purpose to the clothing. Workout hard, doing something you enjoy, eat healthy and have a goal to slip into some tight pants to show your accomplishments! Why wear something that causes others to wonder why you chose that? NOBODY wants to see your belly protruding from the bottom of your cut-off shirt. And on that note, NOBODY wants to see your boxers or butt, so pull up your pants!

I completely understand that living the lifestyle I live is not for everyone. You want to smoke three packs a day and eat horribly then do it. I’m not calling someone out for how they live (although it is quite frankly confusing to me). I am simply questioning why wear clothing that exaggerates the lesser attractive parts of your body. Why not just dress like a ballerina from Swan Lake and get groceries? And please don’t comment to this post with things such as being proud of who you are and not being caught up in body image or that I am being superficial. It’s really not a viable argument.


6 thoughts on “Yoga Pants should ONLY come in Extra Small or Small

  1. Well this is a tough one… My wife has earned yoga pants and she’s definitely not going to fit into a small… she’s 5’10”! She also had the ass for yoga pants. Your point, while it still stands and is very valid, the sizing choices you made are incorrect. Just sayin’. And you know I’m part of the choir.

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