Let It EAT!

I’ve mentioned before that I get almost giddy around fast cars, muscle or exotics. They are built for one thing: MOVE. I’ve ridden in many of both kinds, from a 1969 Shelby GT 350 to a 2014 Ferrari 458 Italia. Both kind of cars have characteristics that are unique to both. The full-on muscle car is basically a frame, a shell, and a gas-guzzling motor that grumbles loudly and demands respect (take the ’69 Cobra for example). On the other hand, the exotic has a bit of wheezing rumble, but it is cloaked in smooth lines and comfort. Doesn’t matter though . . . they both have to EAT! These cars are not made to drive kids to soccer practice. They are made to consume air and fuel in the most efficient way to provide power that trumps all others.

In the same way, certain bicycles are built to ride HARD and FAST. They are designed with a lean that means something. Nope, you don’t pedal these around the shops at the beach. They want to EAT. In this video, it proves my point. I thoroughly love watching a bike being ridden like it was made to do. Many times on my bike, I can almost hear my Cervélo asking me if that is all I have. Ride it hard, to the point of almost punishment. So . . . sit back and watch a bike giving everything it can to its rider.

Bon Vélo!

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