There are Those Times

I have always been struck by the aesthetic forms of many things. The lines, shade, color, depth; or sometimes the lack of one of those things can draw me in to stare for hours. The grandeur of nature’s art can be breath taking: how minimal I feel standing in the presence of God’s creation and being speechless in awe. I actually enjoy the feeling of “you know, man. You’re not all that big of a deal.” There are those times when we need to be reminded.

This video caught my eye this morning; and although it is not the same as standing there (or riding), I was entranced by the beauty. Nothing more to say . . . watch and enjoy.

Bon Vélo!

4 thoughts on “There are Those Times

  1. Gorgeous. Just the little break I needed. . . but married to a botanist, all I thought when he rode over those tender little plants was “I wonder how many millenia those little dudes have been there, just to be torn up by a tire!” What a dork.

    GORGEOUS! Looked like Iceland or Scandinavia? Or am I crazy?

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