Another Letter from Your Bike


Dear Sir,

I know I haven’t made conversation since Christmas, but I thought it was about time. First of all, thank you very much for the new equipment. I feel lighter. I am so ready to attack hills, people, wind or whatever when given the chance. Hanging on the stand in nothing but my frame can be a bit daunting, even though I know you were replacing and cleaning things. Fat Boy has finally shut up about the fact that I was stripped for selling. Have I mentioned how disgusting a creature he is? Mud and fouled mouth kind of go together. At least when he’s in his worst condition, your mate asks that he be kept in the garage. The den isn’t big enough for all of us anyway and seems even smaller when he’s antagonizing #2 Bike and calling me prissy saddle. The very idea that you could sell me and buy five of him just aggravates the chain lube off of Fat Boy, and I remind him of that quite often. The only thing we ever agree on is you. We all think you’re the best.

I must say that #2 Bike is looking worse for wear. He has put in some miles during the cold months; as usual, he just returns and says it was a good ride. He’s such a trooper, always going on about teamwork. He knows that he’s heavy and not “top shelf,” but he knows and understands his role; but then again, we all do. The way the weather has been bouncing around, I can’t keep track of the months. I know we’re close to what you refer as the time change, and that gets me excited. Fat Boy grumbles when I start getting too excited because my battery indicator light flashes sometimes. #2 Bike just thinks it’s funny.

Well, I know that I’ve taken enough of your time. The good thing about some of this real bad weather is that you’ve been on the trainer, and I’m right there with you. I think #2 Bike likes when you put him on the trainer, just a thought I had. I feel it in my cables that this is going to be a great season! I’m ready when you are . . . more than ready. I’m hungry.


#1 Bike

P.S. #2 Bike says hey.


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