How Cool would It be?

Abu Dhabi Tour 2015

Yes, I have admitted before that I would thoroughly enjoy catching up to a professional cycling team while they were on a training ride. Of course, I would prefer Tinkoff Saxo; actually, any team will do. Yes, I also admit that I have imagined and still do imagine how it would be. I am a realist and don’t believe that the team would dismount and begin an introduction ceremony or, for that matter, give me the time of day, BUT . . . I could not get to a computer fast enough to blog about riding with a profession team. I am also a realist to the fact that my “ride” wouldn’t take long either. Getting dropped would be inevitable, but it would be the best kind of “getting dropping” that I can imagine. All of this thought process was sparked by a video I found:

Chris Froome dropped me is a video about a guy who did just what I explained. I stumbled over the video and thought it was pretty awesome. After he gets dropped, you can stop the video because it just goes into travel stuff. When I finished viewing it, I realized again how quick the experience would more than likely last. It is mind blowing how good the top riders really are. Around my neck of the woods, we understand how far ahead a Cat 1 or 2 rider on a small-sponsored team is in comparison to . . . well us, but then comparing those dudes to a UCI professional it’s not even close! The fan and videographer in the video was holding Garaint Thomas’s wheel and didn’t even realize, until later, that Chris Froome was in front of Thomas! The amount of watts being pumped out (at ease mind you) by the Sky boys is phenomenal. I thought it was funny how the fan said that if he had known this was going to happen he would have ridden 1,000k a week to get ready for it . . . I understand, my brother.

Bon Vélo!

4 thoughts on “How Cool would It be?

  1. I’ve been lucky enough to ride alongside Madison Genesis for a short while in Mallorca back in 2014, and it was amazing seeing a team of eight riders completely in sync. Very impressive stuff, and yes – I was dropped pretty damn quick!

  2. I don’t know man, 625 miles a week is a touch much. 😉

    That would be pretty awesome though, if only for a few miles… I’d have made it further because I put my pants on just like everyone else. I’d have said hello and stuck on Thomas’ wheel like I meant it! He was putting out 100 watts more than he had to just because he was so far off.

    Durian, if you noticed, didn’t screw around. He got right up there.

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