More Ideas Probably not used by UCI


The use of camera technology has advanced exponentially in the last couple of years. The latest 360 view of multiple cameras, used in various sports around the world is incredible. It gives the fan such an in-depth look at the intricacies of the sport he loves. The commentator can freeze the action, spin the image, and telestrate events that might not be noticed by novices. Yes, I know that some of the GC races and classics have recently used the stop motion at the finish and computer imaging to show who crossed the line first, but I want this to take a BIG step forward. I have two suggestions, not that any of my others have gained any attention, even going as far as emailing my ideas to the UCI (

The sport of professional cycling has some momentum, right now, with great ambassadors, such as Peter Sagan and Marcel Kittel; albeit the kick in the crotch from the chick who decided to use a motor in her bike during the cyclocross world championships. First suggestion is to use the 360 camera system at various points of the stage (sprints, climbs, finish, and some in between). The camera system would set up well on the side of the roads and/or on boom cranes. Use the system for the very knowledgeable commentators to be able to do what commentators do in other professional sports. We mere mortals have many questions on technique and style of riders. Stop the action. Rotate the peloton or breakaway. Discuss specific things related to professional cycling and the how-to of the sport.

My next suggestion is something I have mentioned before and was used a tiny, tiny bit in smaller races last season. At the bottom of the screen, show a specific rider’s bio readouts, cadence, power, and speed. It doesn’t have to be all of the time, but when a comment needs to be made or checking on the status of a rider, it’s there. Yes, some teams like Sky are against this because they think it’ll be used against them if a rider is struggling. Well, that won’t be a problem if everyone has the information. It’ll just be another strategy to use.

Obviously it goes without saying that I love this sport. Millions of dollars are wrapped up in this sport from various angles. Some of the operating budgets of the big teams are tens of millions of dollars a year! The UCI must keep investing in the momentum. Yes, all of the camera systems and technology is not cheap, but it will draw more people into the sport. It will also break the monotony of a 4-5 hour race.

NOTE: Juuuuuuust in case a UCI official stumbled upon this blog and/or read my email, I am available for further discussion. I would also be ready to take a position in advisement for the marketing of this great sport. We can negotiate my contract stipulations of one or two training rides a year with Tinkoff Saxo. You know, just in case.

Bon Vélo!



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