Living the Dream . . . sort of

Trek Factory Racing 2016 video is interesting. We’ve all dreamed it. We’ve all watched a big GC or classic and thought how cool it would be to be professional cyclist, the best of everything at your fingertips. Incredible bikes and equipment and data and scientists and coaches and training and . . . well, you get the picture. Be careful what you wish for?

Watching this video, I caught myself mumbling “wow” to myself. These riders are the kings of their sport, even the weakest rider on the team is absolutely incredible. The demands are high for these men. They must produce. No timeouts. No excuses. They are hired to pedal a machine as hard as he can for hours on end at speeds that leave most of us scratching our heads. Each man has a job. Even the tiniest fault in the line will be a glaring image in the data, so there is definitely no hiding.

As the video progressed and I watched the riders having meetings with mechanics to dial in their bikes, sports science team members working to enhance the riders’ outputs, others using imaging to scan the soles of riders’ feet for making custom-made insoles, scanning sit bones for making custom saddles and on and on, I was a tad bit envious. This caused me to wonder how much more of my own output would be enhanced if I had some of that. Yes, I have a race bike that is comparable to what professionals ride, but all of the other things have got to make a big difference . . . and the fact that I’m way past my prime and not even remotely in the same league of an athlete as those top riders.

In the end it is all wishful thinking and just plain dreaming. We all do it. If you love baseball, soccer, football, or whatever, you’ve probably imagined being at the top of the sport. I’ll continue dreaming. I like doing it. Really, who among us hasn’t pretended (either by yourself or a group ride) to be pulling the big bunch or on a breakaway? If you haven’t seen this, how cool would this be? The season is technically underway. The heat of the sun is just around the corner, and the tarmac will be heating up. Keep dreaming.

Bon Vélo!

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