Just Keep Moving

4c97a58d-8278-4215-bd5a-b4827c61bd37 Every get tired of riding your bike in the same area? Ever feel stuck in a rut? I know that many will gasp and say that they never tire of their bikes. Well, that’s a lie. If you spend enough time riding (200+ miles a week), you’ll be exasperated from shear monotony. So, what can you do when you don’t have much choice in where you ride? Here a few suggestions:

  • Put more into your miles than just more miles . . . set up small intervals of 1-2 minutes sprints with a 1 minute rest x 5 or even 10. Bookend this with 10 minute warm up and cool down.
  • Find some hills in a quiet neighborhood. Drive over and do 10-15 miles of hill repeats. Vary the repeats with big ring, small ring, standing, seated, etc.
  • On a day that you want some base mileage, don’t just pop in your headphones and ride to music. Find a good podcast with information that you enjoy (history, languages, travel, bike racing, or audio books).
  • Ever tried to ride 10 miles on a flat or semi-rolling surface while standing the entire time? Try it.
  • During a set of hill repeats one day, try to hit 200+ cadence when descending back down a hill. Do it while maintaining control of your body and the bike. Easy? Think again.

More distance doesn’t equate better training. It has its purpose, but it’s not the end all. Staying on the move is the key. Eddie Merckx could not have made it more clear when he said, “Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short as you feel. But ride.” The weather will hopefully be warming soon, and it will eventually no matter. The trainer gets old quickly. Invent ways to make your training or just riding your bike more fun. Don’t ever allow yourself to dread your bike. Even changing your bar tape can be a subtle difference. Do Internet searches and find cool and new ways to have fun. There are loads of videos and articles to help you be creative. Have fun with it!

Bon Vélo!


5 thoughts on “Just Keep Moving

  1. Brother, it’s no lie… I ride for the sheer joy of it. I rode the same track every day for four years and never got bored. I was just happy to be out. I mix it up a lot more today, but I’m okay as long as I’m riding.

  2. Seldom if ever, our area has coast, rivers, hills, flats, steeps, wildlife a plenty, companions, Scottish weather, sunrises and sunsets and more, plus occasional forays further afield. It would be hard to be bored or maybe it’s just me?

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