A Cooling Period

maxresdefaultSomeone recently said that TRUTH is the new hate speech. When I heard the uproar over the Academy Awards, I gave myself a day of cooling off before I began to put put fingers to keys. Allow me to begin with a man who gave a speech one muggy afternoon in 1963. It was a cry for equality, not bordering on violence but for everyone to love each other beyond superficial barriers. Within this speech a famous line was born and rocketed into stardom . . . but lost in years and years of back stepping:

I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Many people view this line out of context, reversing its meaning. Can we not hire someone for a job based on their resumé? Of course not. We have to have a “diverse” employee body. Can we not admit someone into graduate school based on GPA and test scores alone? Nope. There must be a “diverse” student body. Can we have an awards program based on someone’s acting ability alone? Well, apparently not! Political correctness has ruined the basic idea of equality and actually promoted the color of skin as the main idea of consideration for any position on any subject. Sadly, and not admitted among many, if not all out denied, this warped thought process has rooted ideas within the hearts of people who never thought they would ever judge someone by the color of their skin. In a horrible irony, the tool (or weapon) being used to justify “equality” is actually at the heart of hatred. Would it be possible to have a White Entertainment Television station? Yeah, that would fly like a lead balloon. There is no fairly land where racism is 100% eradicated, but the inflammation of every topic of conversation being wrapped around skin color only promotes the viewing of everything based on skin color.

People like Al Charlatan and Jessie Jackson make a living promoting hatred. Without hatred and tension, they would have to get a real job. That day in August, in Washington, D.C., Martin Luther King stood for the re-occurring injustices in America and wanted to sit together at a “table of brotherhood” and asked that people not “wallow in the valley of despair.” Tensions are only escalating at this point. It can only stop when a 53-year-old sentence can finally help those being judged by what they are and not who they are. Sometimes the what is more readily used to promote fear. Yes, TRUTH is the new hate speech.

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