A Cycling Compulsion . . . one of them


Yes, I want to ride . . . all of the time. But that is not my problem. Many of my two-wheeled brethren will understand my other compulsion. It wasn’t until I started a complete make-over of my A bike that it dawned on me that I have a problem. No, I’m not talking about wanting to buy the latest, latest thing after you just bought the latest thing, even though that can be an issue for most of us. I just realized that I’m a bike parts hoarder. There, I said it. Sure, we all need spare parts . . . but it goes beyond even that.

Changing my Dura Ace cassette and chain, I stood there just holding the old cassette and chain. What can I do with this? Could someone use it? No, it’s too worn. Oh, I could make a cool clock out of the old cassette and use parts of the chain for a base? But I have no idea how to do that, anyway. Well, until I decide I’ll just put it over here and hold on to it . . . you know . . . just in case I need . . . a worn-out cassette. To add to this dilemma, I am what some folks would call a neat freak. Everything has its place. The bike shop area in my garage would now need a used parts place, and I don’t care for that . . . but I can’t just toss it. Ugggghhh!

I know that we all have old pedals that we zip-tie together and hang on a peg. Yep, and a peg for extra cassette spacers. Oh, and a little tub for bar plugs and such. Having a neat and tidy work space is such a comfort. I don’t need it to be junked up. I will not have it junked up. I need to nip this compulsion in the bud. No one has any use for worn-out cleats. But what if I buy a new pair of cycling shoes and my old ones are still pretty good? I don’t think the Goodwill has many people coming asking for cycling shoes. Same for a new helmet. I wonder if my local bike shop has a charity for kids wanting to get into cycling. Maybe that is a thought into which I could venture further. I know. I know. We live in a society of excess, but I also want to be practical and use my head when it comes to old parts or accessories.

Bon Vélo!


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