A Black Eye with No Time to Heal

Muammar_al-Gaddafi_at_the_AU_summitOn the eleventh year anniversary of the Twin Towers attack,September 11th, 2012, an Islamic terrorist organization targeted and carried out an attack on Americans in Libya. This attack killed Americans including a U.S.ambassador. How did this all happen? After all, the U.S. had just liberated the country from a horrible dictator, right? Wouldn’t that make them our friends? To understand this, we’ll have to go back to the regime of Maummar Gaddafi.

The leader of Libya gained control after a “bloodless” coup d’tete with the intent of starting Islamic Socialism where he would implement sharia as the main rule of law. As years progressed, Gaddafi gathered more attention by using Libyan oil for leverage to have Libya recognized as a power in OPEC market and use said power to rapidly raise the GDP of the country; this in expanding wealth was then used to provide more social welfare programs, free healthcare, and increase work opportunities for the common man; after all, Gaddafi was the child of Bedouin sheep farmers and “could relate” to the people. Free stuff means followers, right? Soon, compulsory eduction was a directive and free university educations were started (with a few minor curriculum adjustments). Popularity became relatively easy to the new leader, based on his generous giving away of free stuff to the people . . . as long as rules were followed. And as the years rolled by, a relationship with Russia developed. The Russians kept Gaddafi at arms length, kind of like a junkyard dog. This was during the time when President Ronald Reagan accused Libya of being a Moscow’s puppet. Tensions increased. To add to the tension, legitimate rumors began to spread about Libya creating mustard gas and attempting to find ways to develop nuclear weapons.

It was in the midst of all of this that the Muslim Brotherhood and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group began its rise against Gaddafi. In a distraction move, to appear as a good guy and a victim, the dictator founded the Al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights and awarded Nelson Mandela as its first recipient. Seeing through the guise, sanctions were constantly being handed down by the United Nations, as the years rolled on. True to form, many African states opposed the UN sanctions, with Mandela criticising them on a visit to Gaddafi, where he praised Libya for its work in fighting apartheid and awarded Gaddafi the Order of Good Hope. By the next millennium, the attacks on the Twin Towers took place and Gaddafi jumped on board to condemn the attacks and fight. The Libyan government continued suppressing domestic Islamism, while at the same time Gaddafi called for the wider application of sharia law. Although the good guy image was waving in the wind, Gaddafi’s support for foreign militants and alleged responsibility for the Lockerbie bombing never took his head out of the tightening noose. So what did the U.S. and allies do to control this person, after years of his retaining power in Libya? Kill him. How? By arming Islamic extremists covertly, under the name of the National Transitional Council (NTC) and allowing the deed to be done. Where had this been done before? Oh yeah, Osama Ben-laden against the Russians in Afghanistan. Gaddafi continued to preach that if he were assassinated without structure that the country would be taken over by Islamic terrorist war lords. Maybe that was the whole point . . .

13 Hours could not have come at a better time. The American people were fed a lie about the causes of the attack that took American lives and left a U.S. ambassador dead. Americans were left abandoned and begging for help, as pilots sat in F16s and Special Forces soldiers were told to stand down. Yeah, the politics and sludge of it all is more complicated that this little post, but peeking behind the curtains and educating yourself about events can leave one with an open mouth. Yes, Marcellus, something is definitely rotten in the state of Denmark.


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