And the Surge Begins

new-years-resolutions-204044-530-569_largeIt is this time every year when the gyms are packed and the bike trails are congested. It is this time every year when people make promises that they know will not be kept. Why? Is it really necessary for it to be at the beginning of the new year? Personally, this aggravates me. I know. I know. I am always writing about people being healthy, but quitters deeply bother me. I truly want the people who have purchased new bikes or show up to pack out a local CrossFit box to do whatever it is they set out to do. The problem is the stay-ability.

If you fall into this category of making promises every turn of the year, only to quit when the weather warms, this is written for you. The most important thing that you must understand is it is LIFESTYLE. Working out, running, cycling, or a combination is not something you do just to get it done and say that you did it. You eat correctly to help your work outs and achieve the goals, you work out hard to carve your body and relieve the stressors of life, you sleep reasonable hours to accomplish your daily task and have the energy to workout, and it becomes who you are. If it were easy, there would not be out of shape, unhealthy people; but then, of course, we all know there are p-l-e-n-t-y.

If you are still committed to making changes in your life, know this:

  • sacrificing your time is a norm
  • there will be bad-weather days
  • you will hurt
  • you will question yourself
  • people at work won’t understand and may even mock you (jokingly)
  • you will have to be patient
  • results come slowly
  • remind yourself that it is a LIFE commitment

If you are still all in, good. You CAN do it. I am constantly preaching a healthy lifestyle to those who will listen. No, I am not a CrossFit jerk or an in-your-face cyclist who flaunts my achievements. I am very aware that I have many, many areas that need work, but it’s a lifestyle. It will be a constant goal of mine to get better until I take my final breath. Throw down the gauntlet and make a serious decision to change what you are.


4 thoughts on “And the Surge Begins

  1. OMG, you hit it on the nail. I have encountered every single one of the bullet points you listed … probably why you listed them, eh? Probably should give them Rule #5 HTFU … and my other favorite, Rule #9 .. if you are riding out in inclement weather, you are badass, period.

  2. You are right, many folks approach these kind of things from the wrong angle. If you do something because you feel you should it probably will not last long, if you do something because you love it then it will survive many set backs and obstacles

    1. Perfect . . . you summed up my ramblings quite nicely. It’s been a part of my life for decades, and I still get excited about what I’m going to do the next day. Doesn’t mean I don’t whine in the middle though. 😀

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