A Holiday Letter from Your Bike

il_fullxfull.387599368_5gy0Merry Christmas, Sir!

I hope this letter finds you doing well. The holiday season is upon us, so I thought I’d send you another note wishing you happiness. This is a nervous time of year for us, including Fat Boy. With Christmas comes gifts, and with a flip of a switch one of us could be replaced. I am not too worried about it, since you’ve stripped me of my saddle, pedals, bar tape, and crank during the off season . . . which means that I’m getting new and improved stuff . . . or so I thought. It was in a discussion with my little Italian Masi friend, #2 Bike, when Fat Boy brings up the idea that the reason I’m stripped is because you putting all the stuff on a new frame. Frames just don’t come much better than I, so I doubt his terrible suggestion, but it does make me wonder just a bit. Sorry, for even doubting you, sir, but it’s a real thing in my world. There is always something to catch a rider’s eye. I have faith in you though.

Well, no leaves and grey skies tell of only two things: #2 gets some more work and Fat Boy becomes sort-of the #1 bike, but we know the truth. Don’t we? I guess you heard that Mr. Sagan got married. I can only hope that Mrs. World Champion doesn’t screw with his focus, but she seems nice enough though. I feel like I am kind of searching for things to talk about, because we haven’t spent that much time together lately, so I won’t keep babbling. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. I am already excited about the new year (season) coming up. I think you should go with the idea of racing in USA Cycling. We’ll have a blast.


#1 Bike

P.S. #2 Bike says hey


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