Still Lacking That Perfect Gift for Your Cyclist?

yc-sanHere are some unique ideas for the cyclist in your life. Money being no object shows the amount of care and attention you put into that special gift. Of course, it’s not about the money as much as it is the “wow” factor. Most importantly, it is the facial expression when you roll out one of these gifts:


Germany’s Lightweight wheelset is a Christmas miracle! This particular set, weighed together, comes in at 985g! For a mere $6000 a set, you are showing your cyclist how much you are aware that speed is important. 4Z8A5655-e1442234501424

Where else can you can you combine beauty of design and efficiency? This bike is not even available until 2016, but putting your someone special on the wait list will not be met with a complaint. This NK1K comes as a frameset only, just under $7000.

southafricaroadcyclingWhat about time together as a gift? A two-week bike tour of Europe (not including the flight) could go for around $1,100 a person. The view from a bike can be priceless, especially if  you plan the event to view other events, like the Tour de France!


r-q1-fs-27-5-evoIf the mountains are more your cyclist’s speed, pick him up a Rotwild T.E1+FS27.5 for $8,000. Your mountain biker will be the talk of the trails when he rolls up on this! Oh, it’s also available in a 29er.
CAMPELRR240000000000_1_zoomWeighing in at 2004 grams, the Campagnolo Super Record EPS group set is perfect gift at just under $4,000. Yeah, you could go a little cheaper with the manual set, but you want that someone special to know just how special he really is!
IMG_8455If you want a good stockin’ stuffer, look no further than a Rotor power meter system (crank and pedals) for a hair under $2000! What a deal! Help your cyclist take his training to the next level with this tool. He will sing your praises going up those hills.

These are just some thoughts directed at helping you with that special someone. You can’t put a price tag on love . . . er . . . maybe you can. For some reason, I don’t think that Mrs. Secondratecylist will see my reasoning. Give it a try with your loved one and let me know how it works out.

Bon Vélo et Joyeux Noel!


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