Cycling Terms You Should Know

imagesThere are terms that only a cyclist understands. It becomes part of your vocabulary after a while. If feels as if it’s our own language sometimes and has a bit of “us” in the use of them. See if you can relate to a few of the words in this list; if not, Google them and speak the language:

  1. Squirrely
  2. Peloton
  3. Slipstream
  4. Bunny Hop
  5. Drops
  6. Hammer
  7. At Speed
  8. Drag
  9. Bonk
  10. Big Ring
  11. Cadence
  12. Domestique
  13. GC
  14. Pure Sprinter
  15. Classics
  16. Pull
  17. Threshold
  18. Fixie
  19. Spin Out
  20. Top Tube
  21. Hold a Wheel
  22. Gap
  23. Dropped
  24. Break Away
  25. Repeats

Of course, these are just a few. Can you add others?

Bon Vélo!

14 thoughts on “Cycling Terms You Should Know

  1. Mech – when I started cycling more and with other riders I used to get frustrated at all the terminology being used. Still very careful with less experienced folk to explain or use other terms.

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