Time to Stand

WP_20140524_00120141107164319I understand that the majority of my blog consists of cycling things. Yes, I’m still training. I’m riding. But I am concerned. Better yet, I am troubled deeply with the state of my country. I took an oath to God on a September afternoon in 1988 and swore to protect and defend this country against enemies, both foreign and domestic. Here’s the problem in a nutshell: the enemies are at the gates and my “leaders” want to talk about global warming.

It was the war with Korea where our enemies began to blend with the population. It was difficult to tell the difference in the farmer by day and soldier by night. Result? Stalemate. In Vietnam, the trend continued. Result? Defeat. Call it what you want, but it was a defeat . . . not because of the efforts of thousands of brave men, but political bull $#@@ that bogged our military down. It was becoming obvious to the enemies of the United States and her allies that it was a good way to defeat a powerful military force. Come to think of it, the American colonists did the same type of tactics against the most powerful military in the world and defeated them . . . without an infrastructure and no real navy! Now, the tables have turned. Our enemy is using the same tactics and counting on liberal politicians to allow entry into “secure” countries.

I am only one voice, a tiny little voice at that. I have no radio or television program. I am not a politician (thank God). I feel like I am the only one seeing the ground coming faster and faster through the airplane windshield. I’m screaming, “Is anyone else not seeing that we are going down?!” A huge majority of the passengers are just sitting back, drinking and laughing and not doing anything. Well, let it be known that when we hit the ground I was still at the controls, doing what I could do to right the ship. Many lives have been given in the name of freedom, on the shores of France, the deserts of the Middle East, the mountains of Germany, the plains of Virginia, the jungles of Southwest Asia, the cold peaks of Korea, in desolated islands of the Pacific, and some places that will never make the news. This is not an American patriotic post. This is a post for all lovers of freedom to stand. Resist the namby pamby speeches of weak-spined politicians and the “lets all hold hands” community. War is ugly. If you are squeamish, just keep your eyes and mouth closed, and let the dirty business be handled by the professionals. Yes, there will be inadvertent deaths, displaced people, damage to property, and loss of life for those who stand to fight . . . but it is necessary for the future of our children.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.  –Thomas Jefferson


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