A Word of Hope in Darkness

imagesAfter recent events in Paris, most of the world still stands with a wide open mouth and fear for what the future holds. This is not the first time in history that terrorists have attempted to use fear as a weapon to impose their ideology and beliefs, nor will it be the last. There will always be animals, posing as humans, who are filled with hatred for others and kill for no apparent reason. Among these many times in history when terrorists were confronted and defeated, an American president addressed a nation on March 6, 1946 in the Deshler-Wallick Hotel in Columbus, Ohio. The address was carried on a nationwide radio broadcast, and the words are still applicable today:

We have just come through a decade in which forces of evil in various parts of the world have been lined up in a bitter fight to banish from the face of the earth both these ideals–religion and democracy. For these forces of evil have long realized that both religion and democracy are rounded on one basic principle, the worth and dignity of the individual man and woman. Dictatorship, on the other hand, has always rejected that principle. Dictatorship, by whatever name, is rounded on the doctrine that the individual amounts to nothing; that the State is the only thing that counts; and that men and women and children were put on earth solely for the purpose of serving the State.

In that long struggle between these two doctrines, the cause of decency and righteousness has been victorious. The right of every human being to live in dignity and freedom, the right to worship his God in his own way, the right to fix his own relationship to his fellow men and to his Creator–these again have been saved for mankind.

The fight to preserve these rights was hard-won. The victory took a toll of human life and treasure so large that it should bring home to us forever, how precious, how invaluable, is our liberty which we had just begun to take for granted.

Now that we have preserved our freedom of conscience and religion, our right to live by a decent moral and spiritual code of our own choosing, let us make full use of that freedom. Let us make use of it to save a world which is beset by so many threats of new conflicts, new terror, and new destruction . . .

If men and nations would but live by the precepts of the ancient prophets and the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount, problems which now seem so difficult would soon disappear . . .

This is a supreme opportunity for the Church to continue to fulfill its mission on earth. The Protestant Church, the Catholic Church, and the Jewish Synagogue-bound together in the American unity of brotherhood–must provide the shock forces to accomplish this moral and spiritual awakening. No other agency can do it. Unless it is done, we are headed for the disaster we would deserve.

Any war against barbarians is never easy. The President recognized the loss of life as something that cannot be avoided. Words are nothing to people who only understand killing; and for a group of animals who only understand physical violence, we, who love and adore freedom, must speak their language. Please be aware that the President’s speech came after the victory. Note that the united forces (from multiple nations) who defeated the evil entities of the Nazis and Japanese had a single, laser focus on the objective. There was no wringing of the hands and crying over what to do until a goal was reached: a total defeat of the enemy, with a conversation that probably went something like this at one point:

“How many soldiers will it cost us to take the Japanese mainland?”

“About a million, Mr. President.”

“How many people will die if we drop it?”

“That is unsure, sir, but about 60,000 people will instantly be evaporated . . . maybe more.”

“They leave us little choice . . . drop it.”

. . . and now . . . Benjamin J. Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national “security adviser,” said the United States would work with France and other allies to “intensify their efforts” against the Islamic State . . . but only within limits.  “We don’t believe U.S. troops are the answer to the problem. The further introduction of U.S. troops to fully re-engage in ground combat in the Middle East is not the way to deal with this challenge.” Yeah, that’s probably factual . . . in the mind of a person who has NO military experience who advises a man who has NO military experience for a President who has NO military experience. Yes, there have been other Presidents who have had no experience, but they leaned heavily on military advisers and trusted their experience on how to defeat the enemy. Guess what? It worked. The wars fought after WWII, on a whole, have been political and ended badly (i.e. Korea and Vietnam).

Please understand that I am a U.S. Army veteran and hold the lives of our soldiers probably more precious than most, but the “war on terrorism” is being fought under political advisement. Our military is doing the best job they can possibly do with the parameters that are set in place and changed on a daily basis (and there are MANY). Don’t believe me? Here’s just a tiny example: article. If I were to go to a jungle and track down a silver back gorilla and spend weeks trying to discuss how life can be so much better with a few changes to his life, he will not do one thing that I suggest. Why? He’s an animal that cannot reason. As a matter of fact, if I annoy him enough, he will rip my arms off and beat me to death with them . . . and I was just trying to help. These sub-human species are no different.

It is time to draw a REAL line in the sand, not an Obama one, and let these animals feel the FULL might of a combined effort of military might. Hunt them and eradicate every vermin from the face of the earth. Put the fear of God in the hearts of anything that is even associated with them. Want to leave the United States, Great Britain, France, or anywhere else and become a terrorist? Fine. You just signed your own death warrant. The time for counting on the civilized world to be passive is over. We will hunt you like the animals you are and annihilate you.

There is a time for lighting candles and praying that we’ll all be safe, but now is not the time. It is time to hunt. No, not talk about it and put on a hard face. HUNT.

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