Hardcore Focus

Having a vision or having a dream is not all that astounding. Many people dream and wish. Big deal. Having determination and focus to accomplish or make a dream a reality is the key. Most of you have heard of James Lawrence, by now. He’s also know as the Iron Cowboy; the iron part is his will and determination to do something.

I cannot even wrap my brain around doing 50 full triathlons in 50 days in all 50 states consecutively. Take away the swim and bike part, and you’re still left with doing 26.2 mile run every single day for 50 straight days! That is mind blowing enough, but James Lawrence did 50 FULL triathlons. Oh, and by the way, they are all documented and confirmed. Once again proving that the human body is a machine of magnificent design; this brings me to my point.

When the temperatures begin to cool and the road cycling season winds down, most of us have a few choices: fatten up and wait till next season, switch to mountain or cyclocross bikes, cross train, keep riding your road bike despite the weather, or a mixture of all. It is this time of year that I flip over in my training regiment. Yes, I am a road cyclist. I keep riding, but I drop from 150-200 miles a week to 15-40 miles and hit CrossFit like a maniac. This is the time to improve on core and power, while keeping my legs spinning for just a bit. Nope, it’s not all fun and giggles, but I make it a rule to tell my body what it’s going to do and not the other way around. I want to be better than I was last season; otherwise, what’s the point? So here’s my plan, starting on Monday:

Snatches, dead lifts, cleans, front squats, walking-weighted lunges, and box jumps will my principle movements. I will go for medium weight with repetitions that are no less than 10 in a set. I will work hard on form and focus on my mechanics and movement more than how much weight I’m doing. The rest in between sets will not last over 2 minutes.

Even though my principle movements will rotate, I will work on core training almost on a daily basis. Hollow rocks, planks (varied), GHD sit ups, butterfly sit ups, medicine ball twists, and PVC pipe sit ups will have most (if not all) of my core focus.

Every day I work out, whether on the bike or at the box, I will have a good stretching routine to continue with my flexibility work for me in the gym and on the bike. Speaking of the bike, I will continue with my interview training (sprints and hill), but I will focus a lot on high cadence. The cadence work was something that I hammered on last winter, and it helped tremendously.

I am still researching my “off season” food consumption plan. I’m doing more research on the effects of consuming insulin-producing carbohydrates and actually consuming more fats. Yes, there is a purpose. I’m still digging. If anyone has some facts on that, let me know.

Whether you are training like James Lawrence or CrossFit Champion Ben Smith, focus and determination is the key. You have to brave the weather, drag yourself into the cold amd work hard. It is essential that you ignore the burning in your lungs, the aches in your body, and the little voice that tells you that you did enough the day before.

Bon Velo!


3 thoughts on “Hardcore Focus

  1. Fifty straight days of triathlon? That is beyond hardcore! Your winter plan looks solid with plenty of variety to keep life interesting. I’ll keep slogging away on the bike here until the weather gets dangerous (hopefully it won’t for a while yet).

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