How not to be That Guy . . . wherever you are

Whether you are cycling, working out in the gym, hanging out with friends, or getting things done at work, you don’t want to be that guy that people hate to see coming. Here are a few tips on how to avoid being the one avoided:

  • Do not be totally nude when beginning a conversation with someone in the locker room. Geeze Louise, at least put on your underwear or a towel. It’s just plain awkward. Yes, this would include getting nude while having the face-to-face conversation; then standing there as such while finishing the conversation.
  • You are not, nor will you ever be a professional athlete. Your training regiment is of no concern to those around you, unless someone asks. There is a reason it’s called unsolicited advice.
  • Do not constantly remind others that you are from New York, Philly, Atlanta, Los Angeles, etc. and the way you did it there was . . . uhmmm, excuse me. We are not there.
  • If you are an adult, it is a good thing not to have a Snapchat account. If you happen to have an Instagram account, no one cares what you are eating or drinking. Also, whatever social media that you possess, do not take 4,356 selfies per day. It’s weird and creepy.
  • If it’s 70 degrees or above, take your ridiculous toboggan cap off your head . . . especially if you’re wearing shorts and a tank top. Quit trying to resemble an MMA fighter or looking like you buy most of your clothes at Pac Sun.
  • You played football in the 80s and got drunk all the time with your friends. The stories have been played. Move on with your life. What are you doing now? Make your best days ahead of you, not behind you.
  • It’s a recreational softball league. Enjoy the fellowship with friends, hit the ball hard, and get dirty, but it’s not game 7 of the World Series. Ranting and swearing is not necessary. Having your church softball uniform tailored to fit you and wearing sweat bands all the way up your forearms is just screaming that you’re THAT guy. Plus, when you do that then pop out to the second baseman, it’s just plain embarrassing.
  • Revving up your motorcycle, so that everyone looks in your direction, is just sad. It is the mating call of a douche bag. Okay, so you own a crotch rocket or a Harley . . . that’s good. There’s a reason that 95% of the traffic around you doesn’t. We see you on it. Just enjoy it.
  • If you are in a group text and you and a friend begin a conversation, get OUT of the group text.
  • Once you reach a certain age, blasting your music in your car is a clear sign of insanity. It doesn’t make you appear younger, just because you are thumping with Missy Elliott. Turn it down and just get to your next destination . . . like maturity.
  • If you are in the hotel fitness room, avoid screaming or grunting loudly when lifting weights. It’s not a power lifting event. The hotel fitness room is just to keep fit while on vacation or a business trip. Try a lower weight with a higher cadence or rep count will help you and everyone else.
  • If a subject comes up in conversation that you don’t know anything about, don’t comment on it. It’s okay. Throwing yourself into every conversation can be annoying to people.
  • Last (certainly not least), don’t make excuses when you’re not performing well . . . in any area of life. Man up. Admit when your faults and try harder next time.

We all have areas we can improve. I have plenty. It’s hard to point out someone else’s yard when there are places I need to manicure in my own yard, but some things need immediate attention.


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