May the Force be with You

It’s coming! The date is set for the premiere in Hollywood on December 14th. I cannot express the excitement I have. My love for Star Wars came when I was 8 years old. The movie theatre was just down the street from my school where my dad was also a fourth grade teacher. He dropped me and a recently-made friend off at the shopping plaza, as part of my birthday present, to see the new space movie. My family had just moved into the area, so needless to say it had been a nerve-racking few months in a new school, in a new city, with new kids around me.

As the theatre darkened, everything that I had been nervous and worried about melted away. The story began . . .

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far way . . . 

His name was Luke. He had lost both of his parents, being raised by his aunt and uncle who were suddenly murdered. He was brave and adventurous. Luke was who I wished I could be. The unknown didn’t seem to bother him; in fact, the unknown seemed to propel him. What? A droid with a message from a beautiful princess and a wise old man who seems to be able to have some magical power? Okay . . . I am hooked!

The whole movie seemed to last 30 minutes. When it was over, I just sat there, as the credits rolled. I was dumbfounded. Later, I could not stop thinking about what happened to Lord Vader or the coolness of light sabers or the possibility of Luke becoming Princess Leia’s boyfriend (boy, that turned out weird). It would be almost three years to the day before I’d learn anything new. During those three years, from 8 to 11 years old, I couldn’t count how many times I tried to control other people’s thoughts with my mind or move things in my room by pointing my finger at it. I wanted to control the Force so badly. Yes, I was aware it was a movie, but what if . . .

Things had gotten progressively worse at my new school. I was very small for my age. Bullies seemed to be bred for that school. By now, my father had become principal. I couldn’t and wouldn’t be a snitch, but I wanted more than anything to be able to rebel against the Vaders of my life. I had a couple of friends, mainly because we were in the same boat. It would be another four years before we left the area, when my father took a new job. So, the premiere of this new Star Wars movie is such a welcoming continuation for me. Will I act like a kid? Probably. I already get ecstatic over the little pieces that Disney releases, every now and again. I’m considering going to the opening night as Boba Fett. Now, if I can only talk my wife into going as Queen Amidala . . . not going to happen.

Now, as an adult, I think back to the night of that premiere when I was 8 years old. It is something that is locked in my mind. George Lucas created something that took me away to a place that was far, far away. Yes, it was about good verses evil; but moreover, it was about the power that we all have inside of us. I truly believe that we must hold onto things that make us feel like a kid again. It keeps us young, mentally and physically . . . just like my bike.


3 thoughts on “May the Force be with You

  1. I can’t wait too… Same boat, I was 7 when the first one came out. Just moved to Michigan from Pennsylvania a year and a half earlier… heck, I was a small kid too, even! Too cool.

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