A Little Correspondence from Your Bike

Dear Sir,

I hope this finds you well. The leaves are letting go, now. The wind is picking up, and there is more rain than usual. I can tell that you ride better in cooler temperatures. Your recent century, last month, was good. Riding with your son’s bike was nice. Specialized can have an air of smugness, especially the S-Works, but he is a quiet-do-his-job kind of bike. I could tell at this century, just by the way you sat in the saddle, that this was a different kind of ride. Things were less tense. You normally don’t laugh and talk as much as you did. It must have had a lot to do with your son. I am not able to see him that much, so I cannot really go on much.

I wanted to express to you that watching the World Championships while you re-lubed my steam was great. Even Fat Boy said that he was able to stand it because Mr. Sagan use to spend a lot of time with his kind. He says that is why Mr. Sagan handles his bike so well. I gave that some thought and gave him a “maybe.” #2 Bike and I discussed how incredible it must be to have a rider in the UCI. The pampering and attention to detail has got to be amazing, not to say that you do not  give us that much attention. It is just a different level. Although I did have a conversation with a Cat 2 bike who knew a former UCI bike, and he said the abuse is pretty rough. Sorry . . . anyway, Mr. Sagan was terrific. I have a chuckle when #2 Bike said that Mr. Sagan could probably win riding him in that race. I laughed, but it probably holds some truth. The relaxed riding style of Mr. Sagan separates him from others. There are way too many riders out there who twist and fight their bikes, body flailing around, stomping the pedals in a choppy sort of way. It’s ugly to watch sometimes, all that energy wasted.

I will close for now. It is never my intention to ramble on. Please do not concern yourself with riding me in this wetter weather. I can take it. You and I need to be use to each other in the bad weather, as well. #2 Bike looked pretty haggard when he returned yesterday. He never complains though. Fat Boy even said he looked better than normal. Anyway, I will see you this afternoon.


#1 Bike

P.S. #2 Bike says hey.

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